5 hair myths debunked

18 Jan

bIt’s probably fair to say we all think we know what’s best for our hair.

From using Hair extensions to washing and styling our hair we think we have all the answers. What we don’t know is that we’re probably following a few myths that we’ve picked up along the years.

The problem is they’re not all true.

At Dream Girl we firmly believe in being straight down the line and to the point.

There are hair myths you’ve probably believed for years. Some will be right; some might be based on half-truths. Others, quite frankly are nonsense.

So we’re going to debunk some of those myths and hopefully on the way we’ll give you some tips about how to look after your hair, whether you like it au naturel, with hair extensions or clip on extensions.

1.       A little heat won’t cause long term damage

This is the kind of myth we repeat to ourselves because we don’t like to admit the damage we’re doing to our hair. Picture the scene; you want super straight hair but you’re in a rush, so you leave the straightener on for longer than normal for faster results. All you’re doing is burning your hair. It’s the same for hair extensions as well as your natural hair.

The problem is the more you damage your hair the frizzier and curlier it can get. So if you’re trying to straighten it you can be making it harder to do so.

Heat isn’t the only thing that damages your hair; pollution and direct sunlight can damage it as well, stripping it from the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Keep hair clean and trim regularly to remove the effects of the outside world and to keep it healthy.

2.       Hair extensions will stop your hair growing

If you think about this for a second it sounds as crazy as it is. Hair Extensions don’t stop your hair growing; it’ll keep growing in exactly the same way. If hair extensions are sewn or glued in then you’ll notice re-growth at the roots as your own hair continues to get longer. There are a lot of myths about the risks associated with Hair Extensions. If you visit a professional salon with experience in fitting hair extensions you shouldn’t have any problems. You have to shop around and find the right salon filled with staff who know what they’re doing.

3.       People with curly hair can’t have Hair Extensions

When people think about Hair Extensions they usually think of adding long straight locks. But it’s all those pictures of celebrities that have led people to believe this myth, that you don’t get Hair Extensions with curls. It isn’t true. At Dream Girl we have a range of different styles for Waves and Curls from Body Waves to French Deep Curls.

4.       It’s better to comb wet hair than to brush it

There are so many myths about when and how to brush your hair after washing that it’s almost worth tossing the rule book out and starting again. Your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet. This applies to both 100% human Hair Extensions as well as your natural hair. It’s why you have to treat it carefully. If you roughly brush it, or rub it forcefully with a towel you’re going to damage the hair cuticles and the ends of the hair, causing split ends and hair that’s more prone to tangling.

Use either a brush or a comb but remember to start at the very end and work your way up. Never start at the roots and just yank down. If you take your hair in sections it’s more manageable and easier to comb.

If hair is very tangled then perhaps it’s dry and you need to use more conditioner.

5.       You don’t know where Hair Extensions come from

If you’re buying Hair Extensions you need to ask about the Ethical Policy. At Dream Girl we think it’s really important to let our customers know exactly where the hair we use in our products comes from. All the hair we use is ethically sourced and we can tell you exactly where it comes from. We source it from South East Asia and then it is sent to China for deep cleansing, processing and final production. We’ve worked hard to make sure we have a clear chain of suppliers at every stage of the process who also work ethically and have a high standard of operation. Is it the same across the whole industry? Probably not but at Dream Girl we think it’s important to have an ethical policy and to be open about how we produce our high quality hair extensions.

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