Can’t wait to change your hair? Don’t wait!

1 Feb

There’s nothing to be ashamed of when you fancy a change.

A quick fringe, a shot of colour, even perhaps  a longer length. Changing our hairstyles is a natural way of expressing our mood, of how we’re feeling and what we’re wearing.

It doesn’t need to be time-consuming. In fact you can transform your style in minutes.

Here are three ways that you can change your hair and your look in a matter of 3, 2, 1.

Velma Fringe

Everyone is talking about fringes right now. Everyone. Michelle Obama kind of upstaged her husband’s inauguration with her new look fringe. Kim Kardashian gets papped every time she steps out with a new one. Fringes have been in style for a over a decade but there are subtle changes that keep your bangs up to date. Right now it’s all about the thick, full, fringe.

You might not want to get the chop. It’s true. A fringe does take a little work and you need to know it will suit you. So how about a Velma Fringe. This is a hairpiece that clips onto the front of your head and offers you a fringe using 100% human hair. easy peasy. Just match the shade to your own hair colour for a seamless finish and you’re good to go.

A Chic Collection Wig

The wig has changed in focus. A generation ago no one would admit they wore one but now it’s part and parcel of our beauty routine. Fancy a new hair colour, don’t go to the salon, instead invest in a wig. Want a bob instead of your long locks? Don’t chop your hair off, buy a wig. Dream Girl’s Chic Collection comes in a wide range of styles and colours.

All you need to do is explore the collection on our online store and find the right one for you.


When your hair is long enough to tie back you can get frustrated by the lack of a ponytail. It doesn’t feel like you can do much with your hair at all. A ponytail extension fixes this problem. Get one either using synthetic hair or 100% human hair and decide how long you want it. The extension clips easily over your hair providing a seamless look that adds inches to your length.

You don’t just have to wear it as a pony tail. Twist it round to be a bun, wear it as a long braid; do whatever you like. You can choose an extension that matches you own hair colour using Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator.

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