What did we learn from London Fashion Week?

22 Feb

London Fashion Week is not just an opportunity to see the great styles we’ll be wearing later in the year; it’s also a chance to be inspired for our hair.

As the fashion glitterati descended into the capital for LFW Autumn/Winter 2013 we look at some of the key styles offering a glimpse into the future.

Temperley, Picture Vladimir Potop

Temperley, Picture Vladimir Potop

At Temperley it was all about the up-do. Up-dos have been big for two years now. Anything from an intricate braid to a messy side bun. Yet on the catwalk this week things went a little bit more vintage. Temperley seemed inspired by Hitchcock and this twisted up-do is elegant but fierce.

How do you recreate it? If you hair isn’t long you’ll need hair extensions to add a little length and thickness. Divide hair into two ponytails, one at the top and one below. Twist each ponytail around and secure. You get a rounded bun shape that can be secured with a hairnet.

Zoe Jordan, Picture Vladimir Potop

Zoe Jordan, Picture Vladimir Potop

From a look that’s sleek and styled to another that’s altogether more comfortable. A next step on from the messy bun this is the bedhead ponytail. Use a clip on pony extension if you need a little extra length. Spotted at Zoe Jordan you can recreate this look by backcombing your hair and style into a side parting. Tie hair at the nape of the neck and clip of the extension. Backcomb the pony tail. Ruffle hair and use a little moulding wax or spray to secure. Match with dramatic eye makeup and a rosy complexion.

Daks, Picture Vladimir Potop

Daks, Picture Vladimir Potop

Healthy and shiny hair. That’s the dream isn’t it? It’s also a key look for this year. Hair that’s well maintained, long, sleek and shiny. If you need a little help choose Remy Silky hair extensions which are a quality premium product made using 100% human hair. The hair has the cuticle left in making it silkier and each strand points in the same direction making hair smoother and tangle free.

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