Creating a seamless blend

1 Mar

How do you get your hair extensions to blend in?

It’s difficult at the best of times to offer someone advice and critique on anything to do with their appearance. For some reason, however, we’re incredibly sensitive when it comes to our hair. Perhaps it’s because it’s one of the ways we express our personality and mood.

Women often choose hair extensions for a simple reason; having longer and thicker hair helps them to boost their confidence and create a “crowning glory”. We each know that whenever we step out on a bad hair day we want to hide. On the flip side those days when our hair looks fabulous, like it or not, we tend to feel a little more so as well.

So, how do you offer someone advice on their hair and help them to avoid one of the biggest pitfalls of hair extensions? Yes, you’ve guessed it. It’s what we at Dream Girl call “the step”. It’s when hair extensions aren’t blended in to your natural hair so you can see the join between when your own layers stop and where the hair extensions begin.

It can be a look people go for but honestly most of us want hair extensions to look natural so creating a seamless blend is important.

So how to avoid it?

If you’re choosing hair extensions to be glued or sewn in then the first piece of advice is that you need to visit a salon. A professional stylist will help you to choose a style and colour that matches your natural hair perfectly. Once the hair extensions are fitted the stylist will then trim, blend and style the hair extensions in to make sure it blends seamlessly with your own. As for styling tips so that when you’re drying and styling your hair out of the salon and in your own bedroom you know where to start.

The first step is to ask the type of hair extensions you want. This often depends on budget. Obviously, 100% human hair is what looks the most natural. Remi Silky is the highest quality hair extensions Dream Girl stocks. Made from 100% virgin human hair they are created with the root and cuticle still in place. Each strand is laid carefully to make sure it is in the same direction. This helps to keep hair looking healthy, glossy and tangle free meaning your hair extensions will last longer.

Go to Dream Girl’s shop and you can choose Remi hair extensions based on length to get an idea of price.

Not everyone has the same budget, however. Synthetic hair extensions can also be used to create added length and volume. This look natural but more care needs to be taken to blend the extensions into your own hair.

If you have waves and curls choose hair extensions that suit the flow and texture of your hair, ensuring a smoother blend.

The next step is colour. Explore Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator to browse the different colours we stock so you can judge which one suits your own natural shade. Your stylist will be able to help you with this.

You might want to choose clip-in hair extensions which offer you a new look in minutes. To create a natural look you need to fit and clip-in each of the sections of hair extensions smoothly and seamlessly, ensuring the clips are covered by your own natural hair. We’d recommend having a few practices before you wear them out on a night out. Position mirrors in front and behind you so you can see your hair from every angle. Practice makes perfect and make sure you’re happy before you step out.

Hair is our crowning glory and it can affect our confidence. To be at your best when you’re choosing and wearing hair extensions make sure you pick the style, colour and shade that helps to boost your natural beauty.

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