What’s your favourite hairstyle?

8 Mar

Everyone has a hairstyle that can stop them in their tracks. Whether you see it on the TV or in a magazine it’s the one you most want to copy.

You might wear it day in and day out. Or on a bad hair day it might be the one you close your eyes and wish you were brave enough to try.

It’s not the same for everyone. Some like long hair, some like it short. Others dream of curly locks, some a shock of colour.

Tell us what your favourite style is and how you recreate it but first hear about ours.

Our favourite style is funky enough to work from day to night. You can make it individual or keep it simple. It’s versatile, and that’s what the best styles are.



You can’t go far wrong with long hair and bangs. It is on trend, you can chop and change the fringe to suit the shape of your face and with fashion. You can wear it up or down. And it suits pretty much everyone. You have to go a long way to find a better style.

How can you recreate it for yourself?

You want long hair for this style. Long. So think about getting 22” or 24” hair extensions to add length and volume. You want to choose hair that’s the same shade as your natural colour so it blends in seamlessly. Or you can opt for extensions in a completely different shade. Choose one from our fancies range or browse through our Colour Comparator.

Now, a fringe isn’t for everyone. You might not want to commit. You might not want the hassle.

A Velma fringe clips onto your own hair to create a fringe. Choose a colour that matches your own and get a stylist to personalise it so it’s suits you; a thicker, blunt cut or something whispy to suit your face shape.

Tell us what your favourite hairstyle is  on Facebook or Twitter.

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