Sleek, up-do or grunge

29 Mar

Sleek, up-do or grunge; which spring look will you go for?

With the Fashion Weeks out of the way until autumn we can start thinking about trends.

Similar styles and ideas filter through the different designer shows. This is as true for hair as it is for couture.

There are three key trends that we’ve seen on the catwalks for this season; sleek, up-do or grunge.

Here we pick our favourites from the shows give you some ideas for how you can try them yourself.




A sleek style is one that’s in perfect shape. You know where every strand of hair is going.

This is our favourite and it comes from Milan Fashion Week. It’s a reworking on a look that’s rapidly becoming a classic. You need long hair so if you need a little added length opt for hair extensions or clip-ons to add a little volume. If it’s quality you’re after you want to try Remi Silky. With this model the style looks best when it’s a little wavy. If your hair is straight then use pins to twist and pin around an inch square of hair. Use a little spray and hold it into place for around ten minute. Release and you’ll have a cute wave. This is the best way to do it without applying heat.

If you don’t have a fringe then use a Velma Fringe for the look.

Ends need to be sleek so use a little serum at the tips.

Match with liquid eyeliner for that vintage look and a healthy pink pout.


There were so many incredible up-dos it’s hard to pic a favourite.

But this, from Viktor & Rolf in Paris wins because, heh, who doesn’t want a halo?

It’s a cute, flirty spring look that is ideal for work when you need to look a little smarter and great for a night out.

First you need two long pigtails. Use clip on extensions if you need added length. Part hair in the centre and comb using your fingers, too tidy and this style will look more Heidi than catwalk! Plait hair into two long pigtails. Alternatively buy Synthetic Braids. Then twist the plaits around your head, pinning into place. Pull out a couple of strands to be loose. Spray and you’re done. Match with a natural look.


Matt Lever

Matt Lever

There’s a difference between grunge and unkempt. Grunge needs to look more tousled. It’s a move away from the over-styled and blow-dryed look we’ve had for the last few years.

How do you style it? Well, kinda however you like. This side parted style from Kenzo sums it up beautifully. Hair still looks healthy and gorgeous. You can add length with some hair extensions and then ruffle with your fingers to create a little texture. Do that either by a little backcombing and using texturising spray or hairspray. Scrunch hair at the roots for volume and even more texture.

Use slides to pin hair back from the face, but still in front of the ears, if you want to change things up a little.

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