The spring plait

5 Apr

There are some traditions you just can’t mess with; hanging your stocking up for Santa, no matter how old you are, eating too many Easter eggs and wearing plaits as spring starts.

There’s just something that makes us feel we want to wear our hair in plaits as the evenings get lighter and longer and we want to spend more time outside. Even plaiting our hair makes us feel more cheerful.

OK, for many of us the weather might not have caught up with the fact that it’s spring but that doesn’t mean we should break with tradition.

No matter how long your hair you can try these styles of plaits, either by using a pony tail hair extension – either on a drawstring or on a comb, whichever suits you –  which you clip over your own hair. Failing that you can use Clip’N Go Hair Extensions so that you can try a new style over night. Or, if you already have long hair extensions you can try this style right now!

The French Braid

It’s elegant, it’s chic and it’s a classic.

Recreate the French Braid by starting at the crown of your head. Put your fingers just behind your ears and draw a line around your head, separating your hair into two sections. take the top section and divide into three strands. This is where your braid starts.

Begin to plait, taking a small section of hair from the side of the head as you go, so you’re gradually tying back the hair as the plait gets nearer and nearer to the nape of your neck.

Once there you just plait your hair normally. If your hair is mid-length but you want a longer braid then braid as normal until you reach the nape of the neck. Tie hair into a bun and then clip over a pony tail extension. Use this to form the longer plait.

A new style for pigtails

Pigtails can look a little girly, but this is  a fresh twist to bring them up to date.

Draw a comb down the middle of your scalp, dividing the hair into two. You’re  going to create two fishtail plaits so start at one side and tie the other together to keep any lose strands out of the way.

For a fishtail braid you need to separate hair into four. Begin by taking the section on the furthest left across the other three and over to the right. Then, take the second strand on the right and take it over to the left. Take the second strand at the left and take over to the right. I know, it sounds confusing but it’s an intricate plait and it might take a bit of practice. You’re taking the strand that’s second furthest out on one side and putting it across the other strands to its on the opposite side.

Once you get to the end tie and start on the next plait.

The Heidi Braid

Heidi was a character in a book when we were little and it’s quite an eye-catching hairstyle. However, to brig it up to date you want to start with one long plait. Begin the plait just above the nape of your neck. If you’re hair isn’t long enough, clip on extensions can do the trick.

Plait and then secure at the end. Then wrap the plait across your forehead, like a fringe and secure.

If you’re looking at any of Dream Girl’s hair extensions then make sure you use our Colour Comparator and Colour Guide to make sure you get the right shade to suit you and your natural colouring.

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  1. thanks for sharing this wonderful post,great post.


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