Fancy a lift?

26 Apr

This week we decided an experiment was in order.

There are some who might never want to wear hair extensions or a wig, but they do fancy giving their hair a little lift.

Not all of us are born with luscious and thick locks. Some of us have fine hair that frizzes at the slightest hint of a gust of wind. We don’t want a permanent change but there are days when we want hair that’s slightly thicker and just has a bit more oomph.

This is where hair pieces come in.

You may think a hair piece is only worn by a man of a certain age. Think again. More and more, women are turning to them to give them a little bit more confidence and a spring in their step.

It might not just be because your hair is fine, it might be thinning, you might want to cover a patch of finer or skin. A hairpiece is an ideal solution.

With Dream Girl you can choose between a hairpiece made of synthetic or human hair. Once you’ve made your choice choose the right colour so the hairpiece can blend seamlessly into your own hair. You can also pick different lengths, depending on whether you have medium length or long hair.

So how do you wear it? This week we felt like we needed a little lift. The sun was shining and we wanted glossy hair to match. The hairpiece we picked clips just over the crown and then towards the back of the head. This means that it adds volume at the crown, making hair appear thicker, and then tumbles down the back of your mane.

Waves make it easier to blend extensions in with your own hair, creating a natural look. Not being blessed with natural waves we simulated them by twisting inch sections of hair and then securing with a clip. A little spray and we left hair for about twenty minutes to create the desired kink.

What did we end up with? A thick wavy mane that added real oomph to our usual style. The hairpiece was secure and fitted comfortable. By clipping it underneath our natural hair at the crown the clips were easy to cover and blend in. The colour was a great match and we had the hair we always wanted.

At Dream Girl we’re firm believers in loving everything about yourself, from top to toe. Yet, there’s no point wishing for thicker hair and then not doing anything about it. A hairpiece is an easy way to add lift and volume if you don’t want the permanence of hair extensions.

Explore more in our online shop.

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