Wow, that’s a brave hairstyle!

10 May

Who say the pictures from the Met Ball and thought “I’d love to try that hairstyle?”

OK, so perhaps not everyone wants to try Miley Cyrus’ platinum cropped and spiky do, but we often wish we could be a bit braver with our hair choices.

The theme of the Met Ball 2013 was PUNK: Chaos to Couture.

Punk’s a style of extremes. But fashion can be all about that as well. It can be about being theatrical, about dressing up and, yes, “rocking a look”.

The good thing is you don’t have to get the buzz cutters out to try out the same styles and make the same impact. You can recreate some of the stars’ styles on the red carpet by using Dream Girl products that are all about making a statement, but don’t require you to cut your own hair.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s look is pure punk: High on glam and impact.

What you need for this is thick locks. Use Clip On Hair Extensions to add a little extra length and volume. Match the colour to your own using Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator.

To achieve the frizzy look at the bottom of the hair you need to add a little kink. The safest way to do this without using heat is to invest in some crocodile clips. Simply twist the hair in inch segments and clip in place. Add a little spray and leave the hair in clips for as long as you can before un-doing. To frizz, comb through the resulting curls and then back comb slightly. Add spray in place.

Now, you can go full Katy Perry and add a tiara. Or you can tone it down and use a jeweled Alice Band.

Anne Hathaway

Anne’s cropped do is pretty fearless. If you don’t want to cut off your locks why not opt for a wig?

Opt for a 100% human hair wig from Dream Girl’s Chic Collection. Go for blonde with short hair. To achieve the desired style – Anne’s is shorted on the sides, longer on the top to achieve a quiff – visit your stylist. If you want to copy a star’s style then always bring a picture with you to your stylist. Fit the wig and then they can style the hair to match.

Once it’s trimmed, you need to backcomb at the roots at the front of the head to add lift. Let hair fall to the side for a loose quiff.

Match with smoky eyes.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen has long embodied the punk spirit. Her hair is platinum but this would work with any colour hair. The fringe is achieved by marking a deep side parting. Smooth hair using a serum. Gwen has a top knot here but you might prefer to go for a long pony tail. A pony extension clips over your own hair and achieves the same look. Simply choose a shade using Dream Girl’s Colour Guide and pick a length. 

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