How to get Great Gatsby hair

17 May

There’s this little film coming out this weekend. You’ve probably not heard of it.

What are we saying? Of course you’ve heard of The Great Gatsby! The best-selling book is set to be this year’s most luscious film. Baz Luhrmann brings his luxurious style to classic twenties fashion.


Dream Girl loves a little twenties twist. Flapper fashion, chic chignons, bold lips and groomed brows. If you see Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan on the big screen this weekend and you want to recreate the style then bookmark this page because we’re going to tell you exactly how to do it.

How about the chic chignon? An iconic twenties style it’s practical and stylish working from day to night. It’s a little fiddly so we’ve kept these instructions as clear and simple as possible. You’ll need a little wave to your hair (which we’ll create without heat!) and hair needs to be mid-length to long. If your hair needs added length then try Clip-on hair extensions. You can even get ones with a wave  to make this style easier. You can choose hair extensions to match your natural hair colour using Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator so they blend in seamlessly. If your hair is a little longer, but you need a boost then use a pony-tail extension to create the chignon at the nape of the neck.

If you’re using hair extensions fit them now and ensure the clips are covered. Create a side parting. It needs to be a deep one so start the comb over one eye and make the marking there. To create waves without using heat you need to learn how to fashion a pin curl. Divide the hair into two sections, one at the top half of the head, the second at the bottom. Gather the bottom half into a low pony-tail at the nape of the neck.

At the top half. Start from the front and divide hair into one inch sections. Curl the sections around the finger and pin in place. The end of the curls should be against the scalp with the roots pointing upwards, increasing volume. Spray lightly to fix.

The hair in the ponytail will also need a wave so once you’ve finished those pin curls repeat with the hair in the pony, or the extension depending on what you’ve chosen. Leave hair pinned for at least half an hour to train the hair.

When the time is up, unpin the curls on the top of your head letting the waves fall around your face. You’ll see there’s a curve to the wave. You want to accentuate and encourage this wave, basically by extending the S shape, in the same way Taylor Swift has in this hairstyle. To do this we do what’s called a finger curl. At the deepest S of the wave pull it slightly to accentuate and secure with a pin flat against the scalp.

Meanwhile, undo the curls in the ponytail and backcomb slightly for added volume. Twist the ends together to create the chignon and pin underneath. Once you remove the pins from the finger curls you’ll have accentuated waves at the side of the head and gentle curls turning into the chignon. You can style the waved do without the chignon and still nod to the flapper fashion.

Spray to keep in place and adorn with a jewelled clip.

For makeup the twenties look is bold features. Make sure brows are well groomed and use a brow pencil to colour in any gaps. You want a rosy, healthy glow so add rouge from the apple of the cheek up to the cheek bone. You don’t want bronzer, the twenties style is for a paler skin. Lips should be bold and eyes smoky. Don’t use gloss but a lip liner and lipstick.

And there you have it, you’re ready to step back into the Roaring Twenties, this year’s hottest trend!

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