Looking after your crowning glory

24 May

You might wear hair extensions. You might be thinking of wearing a wig, or investing in easy to use clip-in extensions to add length and volume to your natural style.

Whatever you’re looking for, the chances are that if you’re looking at Dream Girl then your hair is something you care about.

When we’re young, we often think we can do whatever we want to our hair and it doesn’t matter. After all, it grows back, right?

Not necessarily. Dermatologists warn about the importance of caring for your hair throughout your life.

So here is Dream Girl’s guide, whatever your age, for looking after your hair.

Teens and 20s

This is when your hair is at its healthiest. It’s also when you’re most likely to take it for granted! Your hair mirrors your general health so if you try faddy diets, if you don’t have a balanced diet or drink plenty of water then it will show in your hair. For that radiant and healthy glow you need plenty of protein.

There are tips you can learn as early as possible to promote good hair for life.

  • Don’t use too much heat as it will damage your hair, stretching and weakening follicles.
  • When you wash hair make sure you wash the scalp as well. Sounds obviously but serum – what we see as greasy hair – gets on the scalp as well. To keep follicles as healthy as possible you need to wash and rinse the scalp when you wash your hair.
  • Use sunscreen on your hair as well as your skin! It can get damaged as well.

In your 30s

There’s too major factors that can impact on a woman’s hair in their thirties. Pregnancy can cause you to have luxurious and thicker hair because of the increase of oestrogen in the body. However once you have the baby your hair can become finer and wispier.

Secondly you can get more stressed. You’re busy and you’re probably juggling a lot more things than you were in your twenties. Regular hair treatments are important to maintain all the nutrients and vitamins you need to keep hair glossy. Go for regular trims to remove split ends and worn tips.

In your 40s

You might have a little grey and want to colour your hair. This can cause damage depending on the chemicals and treatments you’re adding to your hair.

If you colour your hair then you need to opt for gentler products. Dye strips hair of key vitamins along with its natural layer of protection. You want a shampoo that cleans hair and a conditioner that suits colour-treated locks.

When hair is damaged it’s easier for it to split. You want to smooth the cuticles and mend split ends. Look for products with silicone in them.

In your 50 and beyond

Your hair grows slower as you get older and strands of hair themselves get thinner. Finer hair needs less treatment time if you’re colouring and styling.

It’s important when you’re older to spend more time replenishing hair with nutrients. You want hair to appear thicker so even if you’ve never worn hair pieces or hair extensions before you might want to add them just to give hair a little oomph.

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