Get Wavy

7 Jun

Every summer we call it something different. It’s sometimes beach hair, California style, surfer hair or just a “relaxed” style. But it all means the same thing. It’s wavy hair and it’s always a favourite summer look.

The reason is that it looks like you haven’t made a huge amount of effort. It’s fairly low maintenance which always suits summer beauty as no one wants to look to done when the mercury starts to rise. It’s also great for those with naturally wavy hair as with a little nudge they can tweak and get an awesome hairstyle without relying on their usual routine of straightening and blow drying which can dry out and damage their hair.

If you’ve just invested in some Dream Girl Hair Extensions you want to keep them looking healthy for as long as possible. If you also want to try a wavy style then you want an option that doesn’t use heat. Heat weakens hair, it can cause split ends and that makes your hair extensions look old before their time.

So here are Dream Girl’s tips for getting a wavy look without relying on heat.

Keep it a part


Start either with a deep side parting or a middle parting. Both are perfect for long wavy styles. To give hair a little kink then you need to try out the finger wave. You’ll need grips and hairspray – and your fingers, obviously. Once you’re wearing your hair extensions (this works for Clip On Hair Extensions as well) separate hair into one inch sections. Start at the root and wrap hair around your finger. Pull your finger out as you reach the tip of the hair and pin. Once all the hair is pinned use a little spray and then leave for a minimum half an hour.Undo and comb with your fingers. Scrunch and spray and you’re ready to go.


Vintage upgrade

Waves can inspire a vintage look. It’s a great way of getting longer hair to nod to waves, while also keeping hair out of your face. If you want a style like Amy Adams then start by splitting hair into three sections. You want a side parting for this so keep that in mind as your dive hair into sections. Take the section on the left and that I the middle and gather into a side pony tail. With the final third on the right hand side create finger curls, pin, spray and leave.

With the rest of the hair coil and turn into a messy side bun. Pin in place.

Unpin the finger curls and comb with your fingers. Spray and you’re set.

This is a slightly more glamorous style for a summer night out.

Day to night


If you want to have wavy hair for a night out then start preparing in the morning. Wash hair as normal but leave it slightly damp. Start at one ear and twist across the nape of the neck, tucking hair in as you go. Secure and pin. Spray hair and wear it in this style all day. Unpin in the evening and not only will it be dry it will have a great wave to it.




Work with the hair you’re born with

If you’ve got naturally wavy or curly hair you can wear hair extensions from Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range to boost length and volume. Use a moisturising cream or serum to reduce frizz and to keep hair looking shiny and healthy.

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