5 instant ways to update your look

14 Jun

Sometimes you just fancy a change. When you have long hair – whether you wear hair extensions or not – you can feel like you’re in a bit of a hair rut.

That’s when you need to update your look. It can be an easy way to nod to a current trend without changing your style too much. Or it can just be a simple addition that makes you feel like your refreshing and changing your hairstyle just a touch.

Here are five ways suggested by Dream Girl to easily refresh and update your look.

  1. Add a twist

Up-dos are particularly popular in summer because they keep us cool. Update your up-do by adding a twist. It’s on trend and it gives a trendy vintage element to the look. If you’re wearing your hair in a bun then begin by combing into a side parting. At the thicker side, twist hair from the roots and keep going with hair behind the ear. Pin in place to secure. Then twist hair into a bun.

A twist can be worn on its own as a half up-do as well.

It’s a simple way of adding texture and bringing your look bang up to date.

  1. Switch side to side

Is your hair neat and wavy? It’s great having hair that’s thick and has plenty of texture – whether it’s all your or you wear hair extensions. Update the look simply by just changing your parting. Side partings or on trend this season. You can style with a fringe or with a feathered look that shapes hair around your face.

  1. Add a band

A plait, whether a braid or fishtail is a classic and stylish look. This season the fishtail braid is really popular. It looks great with long hair and all you have to do is sling it over your shoulder and you’ve got a look straight from the catwalk. But if you’ve been wearing this style for a while and want to refresh it all you need to do is add a hairband. You might not have worn one since school but this isn’t the padded affair you might remember from the 80s and 90s. You can just use a ribbon and tie it around your head. It looks pretty and feminine, a great addition to an outfit if you’re out for the night.

  1. Slick it back

The wet look has been in for a few years and it’s one that people often think only works with short hair. Not so. If your hair is long and you’re wondering what to do with it then slick it back. Add serum and comb into your hair. Style with a side parting and then either tie into an up-do or in a simple pony tail. It’ll be high impact and oozes style.

  1. Backcomb!

Curly hair is great. Dream Girl has a range of hair extensions designed especially for curly hair, whether it’s deep curls or waves (and everything in between). If you want to refresh your look then try a little backcombing. It’ll create an eye-catching style that has the wow factor. Part and style as normal. Then just add a comb. Start at the roots and comb from tip to root. Scrunch and add spray to fix.

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