Paris Couture Week – Get the look!

5 Jul

OK, so the chances are you can’t really afford anything you’ve seen on the catwalks at Paris Couture Week.

Paying thousands of pounds for a skirt or blouse is probably a little out of most of our price ranges. That doesn’t mean you can try out a few of the styles we’ve seen.

Couture Week is a little different from Fashion Week. The emphasis is all on these wonderful artistic creations, so hair has to be a little simpler. However there’s always a nod to current and future trends. They key with couture is to take hints and flavours of the styles and then adopt and adapt them into your own look. The most stylish people have their own style, rather than slavishly adopting someone else’s!

There were a few trends Dream Girl spotted on the catwalks that are easy to try yourself.

Mighty Quiffs

The quiff had a moment about ten years ago and has been skimming on the outskirts of fashion ever since. The versions we saw on the catwalks this week are another level. Majestic constructions that are an inch and a half high. You might need scaffolding to get this look right!

Hair needs to be a at least mid-length so if it isn’t you’ll need either Clip-On on hair extensions to add a little volume and length. Once they’re fitted you need to divide hair into two sections; one at the top and one at the bottom. For the bottom section, using a little serum to flatten it down tie hair into a low pony tail.

Now for the quiff. Back-comb the top section until hair stands up on its own. This may take a few minutes. You want hair to sit vertically at the front of the head (if you have a fringe you’ll need to smooth it down). To achieve the smoothest finish you want to create two chignons, side by side on the crown of your head. So divide this top section into two. Twist back from the forehead, turning the ends under as you go. Once you reach the crown tuck the ends in and pin in place. Do the same on the other side. You’ll need to do this while looking in a mirror so the finish is symmetrical.

Smooth hair with serum and spray to capture any loose ends.

On this show, models wore decoration at the crown to add colour to the style. This is a great look to stay edgy while making sure focus is on your killer outfit.

Simple styles

When the focus is all on the embellishment and intricate designs then a simple style is what’s required.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any effort into it. This style is one you might remember from your schools days but now it’s a little edgier and taps into the wet look tend. Hair needs to be long, sleek and straight. Section hair into two halves. Start with your fingers just above either ear and draw a line until your reach the back of your head. Tie the top half in a pony-tail. Take a small section of hair from the bottom half of the pony-tail and tie it around the bobble, for a smoother look.

Make sure any flyaway ends and fringe are smoothed back with serum.

One knock out style

Naomi Campbell showed on the catwalk that she’s still one of the greatest supermodels of all time. Her hair was long, luscious and in a super signature style.

To get this look you’ll need to add serious length to your own locks. If you haven’t got a fringe but want to try one use a Velma Fringe as a temporary solution.

Failing that try a wig from Dream Girl’s Chic Collection meaning you can adopt this style whenever you want to, without changing your natural hair.

Visit Dream Girl’s Shop to find the product you like.

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