It’s too darn hot

19 Jul

The summer is glorious. Already we’ve forgotten what drizzle is like.

If you’ve followed our tips from last week’s blog then you should have injected a little healthy gloss and shine into your heat ravaged locks.

But still, it’s hot. It’s sweaty on the back of the neck hot. We picture ourselves glowing in the summer, not secretly rubbing a fine layer of moisture from our top lips.

When you have long and luscious hair extensions you might be looking for a way of keeping cool.

We have three suggestions for classic up-dos that are not only bang on trend but they’ll help keep you in a glorious oasis of cool and calm. Dream Girl promises, these styles are simple, need nothing more than a comb, some grips and hairspray. Each style looks great with minimal makeup so just add a flick of mascara and a red or pink lip. Summer heaven!

Braided bun

A classic look that tips its hat to this season’s intricate up-dos. But who can face something fiddly while they’re getting ready for work or college?

Start by making a centre parting and comb hair until it’s smooth. Fix two braids on either side of the head. The braid should run along the edge of your hairline, so just tucking above the ear and then work it’s way to the nape of the neck. Once you reach the end twist both braids into a bun. Fix with grips and spray.

Twist side bun

This look has more of a forties feel but we can guarantee it will keep you cool.

Comb hair into a side parting and smooth. Start at the thicker side. Being at the front of the hairline and at the parting. Twist hair away from the face, securing it as you go. If you have a fringe it should tuck into the twist and you’ll just need to pin it. Keep twisting right underneath the nape of the neck and keep going until you reach under the ear on the other side of your head. Pin in place. Then go back to the parting and twist the hair away from your face on the other side. It should finish just behind the ear. Take the ends and twist. Coil around and tuck the ends under. Pin the bun in place and spray.

The funky side pony

To keep hair of your neck you don’t have to tie it up. This style offers length while also keeping you cool. Part your hair as normal. Gather to a side ponytail behind one ear. Tie hair with a band. Above the band, stick your fingers through your hair so it is evenly split into two. Then take the band and your ponytail and feed the hair through the gap you just made. You’ll create a love twist. No pins or spray, just wear over one shoulder.

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