Can’t wait for the weekend?

26 Jul

It’s time to have fun. It’s time to let your hair down, or tie it up.

You’ve got more time at the weekend to experiment and have fun with your hair.

Here are three styles you should try this weekend. Each looks great with hair extensions or might need a little Dream Girl boost


1. The half-do

No hairstyle has had such a fantastic renaissance as the half up-do in the past couple of years. Once the style for school girls it’s not possible to be so much more creative with it. Try it with a little bun. Make your hair wavy or inject a little volume for real impact. Go on trend by adding a wet look finish.

Our favourite is when it’s got  a bit of a kink, like this on Carrie Underwood. You have to pile it high. Start by using Dream Girl Clip On hair extensions. You’re working your hair in layers so either you can add extensions as highlights to contrast with your natural colour – go for something Fancy if you really want it to stand out) or choose a shade that blends in seamlessly with your natural colour. Use Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator to find out more.

Next divide hair into two. For the hair at the bottom half of the head twist into inch wide sections and pin up to create a finger curl. Add some spray. For the top half comb away from your face. Back-comb so there’s even more volume at the roots and gather into a bun at the back of the head. Use fringe bits to frame you face an spray. Uncurl the pinned hair and gently separate the waves. Add a final finish of spray and you’re done.

2. The braid

Not since Heidi has the braid been such a popular mainstay on quite so many heads. It’s a fun and simple summer style that works either as a day or a night time look. And it’s bang on trend.

If your hair isn’t quite long enough then you need a pony extension. Comb your hair into a  side ponytail and then clip the extension over it, tightening with the drawstring. Braid the ponytail into a plait, or a fishtail if you’ve got the time an the patience. Fix the ponytail once you reach the ends with a band. Then simply pull the braid over your head so it’;s reaching your other ear. Fix into place with a couple of grips, spray and you’re ready to go.



selena gomez3. Glamour

The weekend is sometimes for dressing up and putting your glad rags on. You need a hairstyle to match, like Selena Gomez and her go-to red carpet style. Dream Girl’s Remi Silky hair extensions add that little bit of luxury. 100% human hair you can choose a shade that matches your natural colour perfectly. To keep your hair extensions looking great for longer you need to use a minimal amount of heat. So if you want added volume and wave you need to do it the natural way. Invest is some rollers. Part hair normally and divide into section. Back-comb each section, then roll hair up and then spray. Leave as long as you possibly can., at least half an hour.

Uncurl the rollers and you have soft bouncing waves. Add a little serum for shine and you’re ready to hit the town.

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