Why do we love volume so much?

9 Aug

Women tell us they turn to Dream Girl because they want more volume in their hair. Their hair might be fine, it might be shorter, it might be thinning; they come to Dream Girl for hair extensions and wigs because they want a helping hand. They like the choice, the quality and the products that match what they’re looking for.

It’s all about the volume. How often have we bought products to lift our hair at the roots? Do you backcomb your hair at the crown as part of your styling routine? Why does thick hair look better to us than fine?

Try a volumised do like Miranda Kerr www.look.co.uk

Miranda Kerr’s high volume look is healthy and glossy

We want our hair to look healthy. We want it to shine, shimmer and look glossy. It makes us feel good when we feel like we look good. Our hair is our crowning glory so that’s an important element. Hair extensions, especially when they’re made using 100% human hair and are matched colour for colour with our natural shade, give us a lift because they add that little extra to our own locks. Born with fine, flyaway hair? Change that in an instant by adding extensions and you’ll find that you feel more confident.

Hair extensions aren’t the only way to inject volume; there are other tricks you can try as well. A volumising shampoo lifts hair from the roots. If you add conditioner just to the ends it won’t weigh your hair down. If you have to blow dry your hair then a little blast on the roots when you brush them upright adds volume. Another old trick is to throw your hair over your head so your torso is upside down. Spray hairspray at the roots and then flick it back. Voila, lifted roots.

Keeping hair looking healthy and glossy is as much part of what you put in your body, as it is the products you use to add shine. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruit and veg. Your hair is a lot like your skin and you can see the difference when you look after yourself.

Try a volumised up-do like Jennifer Lawrence www.look.co.uk

Try a volumised up-do like Jennifer Lawrence

The great thing about volume is that it isn’t restrictive. You can have a high volume ponytail by backcombing the roots at the crown. Tease your locks in an up-do, twist and pin to add more volume. Even a quiff can give you a boost.

Volume isn’t just a glamorous night-time trend, either. Volumising your hair can be just the lift you need on a Monday morning when you’re heading into work.

It hasn’t always been on trend. In the 90s when grunge was in hair was very fine and styled flat against the scalp. Volumised hair is more fun, you can do more tricks and styles with it. It’s softer and less severe. Who doesn’t want bouncy hair, after all?

Explore Dream Girl’s store to see what products we’ve got to help you inject a little volume into your own locks.

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