Dream Girl’s 5 hair rules

16 Aug

We’ve been working with hair long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. Dream Girl is a friend of hair lovers as well as stylists and salons so we’ve got generations of hair and beauty knowledge under our roof and in our community. That means when it comes to understanding how to make your hair looks as beautiful as possible we’re the people to come to.

If you’re thinking about getting hair extensions then here are our five hard and fast rules to live by.

  1. Ask where they come from

Ethics is an important element of hair extensions. If you’re opting for 100% human hair, which looks more natural and glossy, then it’s important that the hair you choose is ethically sourced. Ask your salon or look for the ethical policy on the supplier’s website before making your final decision. This is Dream Girl’s ethical policy. We can guarantee our hair has been ethically sourced and we know where it comes from and that it is a quality product. All our hair is sourced from south east Asia. We then send it to China to be deep cleansed and processed. Dream Girl works hard to know every stage of its supply chain so we know there is no exploitation or unethical practice at any point along the way. Read an ethical policy carefully so that only the ethical businesses within the hair extensions industry stay in business.

  1. Turn down the heat

Dream Girl talks a lot about the dangers of heat. In the summer we warn about the risks of the sun, which can be just as damaging to your hair as it can to your skin. We rely on heat for so many of our styling tools; straighteners, hair dryers, tongs. We would not recommend using any kind of heat styling product on hair extensions. If you have to use a hair dryer then use the very coolest setting. Why is this important? It’s because of what heat does to your hair. Hair is like wax. When it’s hot is it malleable and easier to shape – that’s how you style it. When you use a curling tong you’re melting your hair slightly and teasing it into a different shape, like a wave or a curl. The problem with that is that it damages the hair. Hair gets stretched and the more you stretch hair, the more you split it. Once you start to get split ends on hair extensions you’re shortening their lifespan. To ensure they last longer, reduce the heat.

  1. Use products designed for hair extensions

We’d recommend that to maintain and style your hair when you’re wearing hair extensions, you only use suitable products. You may wonder why that is important, any old styling product will do, right? Well, no. The whole point of maintaining your hair extensions is to ensure they last as long as possible. Even when you use Remi Silky, the glossiest and most luxurious hair extensions on the market which come with the root and cuticle intact, you still need to take extra care. This isn’t the same as your natural hair, where you can drink extra water to rejuvenate your hair or change your diet. The only way to maintain your hair extension is what you put on them. Products designed specifically for the care and treatment of hair extensions are designed to keep them tangle free, so to reduce split-end enduing knots and to maintain their colour and shine.

  1. Learn how to wash your hair extensions

You know how to wash your hair? Think again. Looking after hair extensions teaches you how to wash them without doing any harm to them. Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of taking our natural hair for granted and we tug and pull it knowing it will grow back. We don’t have that luxury with hair extensions. Before you wash de-tangle the hair by brushing with a wide toothed comb. Don’t pull or stretch the hair. Wash with lukewarm water and then shampoo. Rinse and then use conditioner. Don’t rub or twist the hair. To dry squeeze out extra water and dry with a towel. Don’t rub or twist the hair in a town. Instead pat dry.

  1. Don’t dye your hair

We often take the risk of dye-ing our natural hair but never add a colourant to hair extensions. The chemicals in dye might strip or damage your hair extensions. That doesn’t mean you’re limited by one colour. When Dream Girl processes them we take great care to ensure they are styled to the right colour. Use our Colour Comparator to choose the right shade you want; it might be a contrast, a bright colour or you might want to choose a shade that blends into your natural hair.

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