Restore your hair

27 Aug

Thinning or losing their hair is an increasing problem among women. The causes are different for everyone. It might be illness, stress or environmental. Whenever you find you’re losing your hair you need to go to your doctor and find out what’s wrong.

But as well as that you need to think about your confidence. Yes, at Dream Girl we know what women are like. We know you’re likely to put off looking for a product that restores your confidence, and your full head of hair. It might be because you’re embarrassed or because you think you don’t deserve it.

You do. It’s never been easier to thicken or add volume to your hair. Think of it in the same way as putting on a pair of heels if you feel short. It just gives you that little lift to help you feel at your best.

Here are three pieces you can try;

  1. The Closure

If you’ve got thinning hair then a closure can help. It boosts your parting, so while the ends are your own, the hair at the crown and on the scalp gets a little help. These are simply to clip-on and cover a patch of thinning hair or a bald spot. It blends in seamlessly so you can style your hair however you like.

  1. Hair pieces

A hair piece is also a simple solution for covering a thinning patch of hair. It is also useful if you need to boost your hair. As we get older hair can become finer. A hair piece fits over the crown and revives your natural hair by adding a little volume. You can style hair as normal.

  1. Wigs

If you want to cover all of your hair then cover with a wig. Dream Girl’s Chic Collection includes Lace Wigs or Regular Wigs. You can choose wigs using wither 100% human hair or synthetic hair. You can choose a range of different styles and lengths depending on what suits you and what you like. You can go for something that is similar to your normal style, or try something completely different. Explore Dream Girl’s full collection

If you’re choosing a hair piece, whatever the style, from Dream Girl then make a stop to a our Colour Comparator and Colour Guide. That will give you an idea of the different shades we stock so that you can pick the colour that best suits you. If you’re choosing a hair piece than you need to choose one that closely matches your natural shade, so that it blends in seamlessly. If you have a good stylist or salon that you trust then visit them to ask for advice, especially on how to fit a wig. You can ask a salon to style your wig, adding layers and a fringe so that it suits the shape of your face. Remember, this is all about making you feel as confident as you can be.

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