Want a bob? Fake it

6 Sep

You don’t have to cut your long hair short to create a bob. It’s the hit hairstyle of autumn with plenty of celebrities showcasing their shorn locks on red carpets.

Yet the truth is a bob hairstyle takes a lot of work. It’s not quite long enough to tie back so you have to style your hair every day. That’s great if your hair is smooth and thick (and you have plenty of time every morning) but let’s be honest, a lot of us don’t. Yes we love it when our hair is lush but sometimes we want to twist it into an up-do or shake our hair into a low maintenance style.

A bob doesn’t give you that freedom.

So how can you try this in vogue style without resorting to scissors?

It’s easy, fake it. Taylor Swift has done it. Vanessa Hudgens has rocked it. Now you need to have a go.

If you’re wearing your Dream Girl hair extensions you know you’ve got lovely long, thick and healthy hair.

Our style guide for a Faux Bob

Start by taking a section of hair at the back of the head reaching up to the crown. Back comb. You don’t need to go to crazy; you’re just adding lift so focus on the roots rather than the ends. Continue to the sides until all your hair around the crown is backcombed. It shouldn’t be too overt, it should be natural, just with added volume.

The next step is to create the bob itself. What you’re doing is creating an inverted bun. Gather your hair as if you’re tying it in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Twist until your reach the ends and then roll it up and fold underneath your hair. Do this in front of a mirror; you’ll want to keep hair fairly loose to get the bob effect. Use grips to pin in place and secure any loose strands. It should be smooth at the back. If you have layers at the front it will add to that bob feel and add shape and texture.

Use spray to secure into place and there you have it, the hottest style for autumn and no need for scissors.

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