The ponytail goes glam!

27 Sep

At Dream Girl we love a red carpet. It’s where all the stars come out and show us some of the hottest looks and trends. We immediately want to try all the hairstyles for ourselves.

Last week’s Emmys showcased some fantastic curly hair trends, plenty of waves and retro styles. But we’ve written about them a lot in the past. It was only when we saw this hairstyle from Heidi Klum that our ears pricked up.

The ponytail is a style staple. We all know this. It can be practical, trendy and just the right side of grungy. But it’s rarely glam.

Until now. It’s no surprise that it would take a supermodel to create a truly glamorous twist on such an everyday style, but there you go.

For those with shorter or mid-length hair, have no fear. You can recreate this style simply with one of Dream Girl’s Pony Extensions. Choose from 100% human hair or synthetic. Pick a shade that closely matches you own and you’re good to go. All you do it attach the extension over your own hair tied in a ponytail. It adds volume and length.

So, how to recreate Heidi Klum’s glam ponytail?

First the pony needs to have waves so if your hair is naturally straight twist and pin your hair for half an hour before you start to create bounce without using heat.

Next divide the hair into two sections. Draw your fingers in a line just below the tops of your ears to guide you. You should have a top half of hair and a little on the bottom. Tie the top half into a traditional ponytail. Ensure the hair at the front, crown and sides is smooth and flat.

Fasten the pony and take a section of hair from the bottom of the ponytail. Twist it around the band to cover it.

If you look at your pony tail you’ll see with the waves there is a definite shape. Your ponytail curls down to the tip and it waves towards and away from your head. To accentuate that shape take the section of hair from the bottom half of your head and twist it around the ponytail, so it brings the pony closer to your head. Fix with pins.

You create a contouring effect which emphasizes the curl and shape of your hair.

Glossy, glamorous and oh so stylish. Try this style this weekend.

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