The Dos and Don’ts of Autumn/Winter Hair

3 Oct

We love a new season. New styles, new trends, new tricks to try.

Now the fashion shows are out of the way we can get down to the real business of figuring out what catwalk trends are going to make it into our daily hair routine

Here are Dream Girl’s Dos and Don’ts;

Glossy hair is on trend

Glossy hair is on trend

Do try a ponytail. Update the look with a few strands loose to frame the face, or switch it to the side. If your hair is too short for a long pony then use one of Dream Girl’s pony extensions. Match the shade to your natural colour.

Don’t embrace the grunge trend as an excuse to leave your hair unwashed. It’s more about not looking too finished, instead of not making an effort. If you want to try it go for a wet style look.

Do use volume to create a softer look. It helps to focus the style not just on your facial features and adds a more feminine finish.  If you have fine or flyaway hair then volume might be an issue. Use hair extensions to add bulk and lift to your roots for both up-dos and looser down hairstyles.

Do experiment with partings. Whether you’re wearing an up-do or your hair is loose do try out different

Experiment with a side parting

Experiment with a side parting

partings and see which one you like. A side swept fringe or parting helps to add edge and lift. It works especially well with ponytails or a simple glossy style. If you’re trying one of the more retro hairstyles on show this season, like a beehive, change it up with a middle parting. It will make the style look softer as well as bring it bang up to date. If your hair is wavy or curly then try a middle parting to put all the focus on the texture of your hair.

Do try an up-do. If you always wear your hair long and loose then this is the season to experiment with an up-do. Try the beehive or go for a top bun. Have a go at the braided styles that have been popular all year. One of the easiest is to fix a side plait and pin across the crown. It’s a funky style that everyone has tried this year.

Do remember slick is chic. Smooth hair is hot this season. Length adds impact so explore Dream Girl’s Remi hair extensions if you need some added length. Try it will a simple side parting and match with smoky eyes for an impactful finish.

Update an up-do

Update an up-do

Do focus on keeping hair glossy and healthy. Whether you’re going for wet or smooth hair has to look as healthy as possible and it can be harder to do that in the winter when it’s cold. Have regular treatments and keep hair trimmed to keep it as healthy as possible.

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