Enjoy a burst of colour

11 Oct

A natural look is just perfect. It enhances your natural style and beauty. Sometimes, though, you need a change. Sometimes you want to inject a little colour.

If there’s one thing we spotted on the catwalks this autumn it’s that shocks of colour are going to have a moment in 2014. A swish of metallic or purple eyeliner or nail varnish, a fizz of yellow or pink in your outfit; It’s about making a bold and individual statement.

Katy Perry always experiments with bright colours lasthairmodels.com

Katy Perry always experiments with bright colours lasthairmodels.com

Yet these bursts of colour aren’t confined to your makeup or your wardrobe. You can try the exact same thing in your hair.

We’re not recommending that you grab a bottle of hair dye. Colouring your hair risks drying it out and damaging it. That’s the last thing you want.

No, if you want to inject a little colour into your everyday life then can we recommend Dream Girl’s Funkies?

We’ve got over 80 shades of colour in our range of Hair Extensions. Yes, that includes pretty much every shade from a snow white blond through to a jet black, with a few reds and auburns in between. It also includes a few colours designed to stand out. Our Funkies come in Blue, Burgundy, Plum, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise and Green. In fact green is a shade we’ve been seeing a lot off, it seems if you want to make a statement this year, you have to opt for Green.

The best thing about our Funkies is that they are bold and bright. The second best thing is that you don’t have to wear them all the time, you can chop and change them to suit your mood or wardrobe. They come in our Clip-On Hair Extensions range. Designed for utmost flexibility, Clip On Extensions do just that, they clip onto your natural hair, adding added volume and length. If you want to change your hair colour and go for something really bright then by using our Funkies range you can just clip the colour over your natural hair.

You might want to go for your whole head, in which case you need to read out guide about how to fit in Clip On Extensions. Or you might want to opt for a few strands of bright colour here and there. Dream Girl’s Clip On extensions include four single clip sections. These are easy to just attach to your natural hair along your parting. That way you can have a stripe of bright colour complimenting your natural style.

There’s something to be said for injecting a burst of colour into our daily routine as winter starts to approach. The evenings are drawing in, it’s starting to get a little chillier. A shock of colour will give us all a lift.

Find the right shade for you in Dream Girl’s online store. Our End of Summer Sale is continuing where you can enjoy up to  30% off.

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