A hair revolution

18 Oct

bOf course everyone wants a good hair day. But remember technique is just as important as product.

Hair extensions have become as must-have for many women. Adding volume and length, empowering us to experiment with colours and styles as often as we change our shoes many of us couldn’t go back to how it was before even if we wanted to.

It’s the range of people using hair extensions that has truly contributed to their popularity. It isn’t just fashionistas and starlets. Women who have struggled with thinning hair, whether caused by getting older, illness or treatment, are heading to the salon to restore their locks, instead of just putting up with it.

The quality of hair extensions has been a huge contributory factor. At Dream Girl we’re passionate about the quality of our 100% human hair extensions, making sure we – and you – know they are sourced ethically. It’s also important to us that hair extensions are easy for you, the customer to use. So we stock everything from clip-ons that are easy to apply at home to those you need to glue or sew in that mean a trip to your stylist. It’s about flexibility.

With a quality product it becomes more and more important to have a quality application as well. Everyone has seen the hair extensions that don’t look quite right – there’s a step, or the colour doesn’t quite match. There isn’t a connecting layer system so the finished look isn’t as polished or as styled as you would like it to be.

It isn’t just a question of price. It doesn’t come down to those who spend loads of money get the best finish. Instead, it’s about ensuring everyone can access a great product but also get the right advice when it comes to applying it.

Whether you choose 100% human hair extensions or you opt for synthetic you have to make sure you’re getting the right product for you. Think about the finished style you are looking for. If you want a semi-permanent look then choose a hair extension that can be glued or sewn in. In which case make sure you find a salon that stocks Dream Girl hair extensions. We have a Colour Comparator so that you can choose the exact right shade to either blend into your natural locks, or to create a show stopping finish.

You need to have an idea of what you want the finished style to be. Stylists are great for advising you on cuts and styles that will not only compliment your face but also your hair. If you have a picture of the style you’re going for, they will be able to advise you on how you can tweak it to make the most of your locks. Once your hair extensions are fitted and comfortable then you can work with your stylist to ensure your hair is finished to perfection.

As more women are choosing hair extensions to boost their natural beauty they know where to come to find a quality product that will enhance their natural style. Application is vital to create a seamless look which is chic and stylish. Trust your stylist to help you achieve your perfect look.

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