It’s time to party

1 Nov

With Diwali here and Christmas right around the corner it’s time to start planning for party season.

Your hair is your crowning glory and the perfect style will lift your look and make it truly celebratory.

At Dream Girl we love to play with styles and experiment with new looks. You can add accessories, make your hair longer or change its texture just by adding a few things here or there. Don’t assume every style is just for long hair and don’t think you can’t try it yourself.

We’ve chosen three styles for you to try. We’ve broken it down so it’s easy to follow step by step.

Retro Glam

A retro hairstyle that evokes all the glamour of Hollywood in its heyday is easier to try then you might think.  Hair needs to be long so if you need added length or volume use Clip On Hair Extensions. Choose a shade that’s close to your own colour and simply clip in for an instant transformation.

Start by creating a side parting. It needs to be quite a shift so rule of thumb, take the comb over the far side of one eye and draw a line up to your hair. That’s where the parting should be. Comb across and you’re ready to style. You want to create curls without using heat. Divide hair into one inch sections. Wrap hair around your finger as a coil and pin in place. Continue around your head until you’re finished. Add spray and leave for as long as possible, at least half an hour.

Unpin your hair and gently arrange the curls using spray to fix. Add a jewel or hair accessory above the ear on the other side of the parting for a added touch of glam.

The over-sized bun

This is truly eye-catching and looks incredible even though it’s pretty simple to do. You will need pony tail hair extensions to add length to your pony.

First part your hair. For this side swept fringe look brush your fringe forward and sideways. Use serum to smooth the finish. Tie hair back into a ponytail in the centre of the scalp, just above the nape of your neck. Attach the pony tail extension which should be the same shade as your own hair. You’ll need to twist the ponytail as this is what gives this bun its neat finish. Begin by coiling it around the fastener at the roots, then widen out, keeping the ponytail itself against your head. Fasten as you go to secure the bun in place. Tuck the ends underneath and use spray to secure and pin down any flyway bits.

Take a last look to ensure the hair is smooth and shiny and you’re ready to go.

The side braid

It’s our look of the year and it’s so easy to recreate even though it’s a sassy and stylish look.

Add hair extensions if you need added length and volume. This should be a volumised look at the roots so fine or medium length hair may need a little help.

Begin by adding volume to the roots by backcombing. Then create a side parting that folds hair carefully across the head, rather than pulling it down and losing the volume. Being the side braid adjacent to your ear so take the hair into three strands and begin braiding until you reach the bottom. Fasten with a clip.

This style doesn’t need to look too neat so you can easily take a few strands out here and there if you want to.

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