Try two celebrity hairstyles right now

8 Nov

If you’re looking for two hairstyles to tempt you this weekend then Dream Girl suggests you look no further than Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood at the Country Music Awards this week.

One easy to style up-do, the second a glamorous quiffed look whatever your taste, you can simply tease and coax your hair extensions to recreate them.

Taylor Swift’s faux bob is fast becoming one of the foxiest styles of the season. Easy to DIY at home it’s an up-do that lets those of us with longer locks to change it up and try out a shorter looking hairstyle, without going for the chop.

Meanwhile for those who prefer their style a little glam then Carrie Underwood’s sleek and groomed style needs just a flash of red lipstick or dramatic eye makeup to match.

Taylor Swift’s faux bob

This is such an easy to recreate up-do it’ll be your go to style for nights out as well as a simple do for the office. If you’re wearing hair extensions don’t worry, this is all about creating texture and a retro look. Begin by styling hair as normal and increase volume at the crown. You can do this while you blow dry or by backcombing. Style your fringe or the front of your hair as normal.

You achieve the look by tucking your hair underneath. Arm yourself with bobby pins and some hairspray. First twist hair so that the ends can be easily tucked under and then in sections simply fold the hair up. Taylor’s style here folds the hair over, rather than under and creates this “kicked out” look. Pin each section in place. With a mirror ensure no ends are untidily sticking out and if they are just pin then. Spray to secure. Match with a flick of black eyeliner and glowing skin.

Carrie Underwood’s glam style

This is a truly glamorous style that looks as though it’s stepped right out of the 1950s. It works best on long styles so your hair extensions will work to full effect.

Begin by washing and styling as usual. Hair needs to look glossy so add a serum or intense conditioner into your routine. Once hair is dried, use rollers to create the curly effect. Roll hair away from the face; it should frame rather than cover your features. For the quiff, style into a side parting and then take the front section of hair. Coil around a roller and twist it right up to the scalp and fix. This will help you get maximum uplift at the roots. Spray to secure.

Leave the rollers in for as long as you can, at least half an hour. Uncurl the rollers and your hair should fall into natural curls. Uncurl the front section with the quiff and back comb slightly to fix the volume, using hairspray to secure.

Take the section of hair on the other side of the parting and clip above the ear.

Match with defined eyes and shimmering body lotion for a truly Hollywood style.

Remember you can still get up to 30% off hair extensions in Dream Girl’s end of summer sale.


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