Go long, go glam

22 Nov

Dream Girl knows that with great length comes great versatility

At the Global Gift Gala this week the celebrities were out in force and their hair was looking sensational. From Eva Longoria to Victoria Beckham – who are best buds on and off the red carpet – they showed how longer locks can be more versatile and give you more of a chance to play around with different styles.

Hair extensions are the easiest way to add length and volume and we’re pretty sure we’ve seen a few on the red carpet. The very finest extensions, Remi Silky, are 100% human hair, sourced ethically and then carefully treated. With over 80 colours on offer, Dream Girl can help you to find the perfect match so that hair extensions blend in seamlessly with your own locks.



Once you chosen the right shade and you’ve visited your salon to ensure they are fitted properly, you can start styling.

Take inspiration from Eva Longoria and so for a slick and chic swept back style. The middle parting and shiny finish puts all the focus on her beautiful bone structure and wow-factor eyes. A ponytail hair extension can create the same effect. Just curl the ends under, twist and pin to achieve maximum glam with this bun that sits just at the nape of the neck. You can wear hair looser in a ponytail.

Next up Victoria Beckham’s style is pure red carpet. The parting is slightly off centre and hair looks thick and healthy. The volume at the roots helps to give it a lift. Achieve extra bounce with a blow dry and backcombing. Keep hair smooth and straight at the roots, curling under at the tips to achieve this look.

These two brunette beauties we’re the only ones showcasing how hair extensions can transform your style. Pixie Lott uses a bouffant style to add a glamorous finish. Use extensions for length and volume then backcomb hair at the crown to achieve this finish.



Straight, sleek and glossy is the watchword for X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger who uses a middle parting to great effect in a style that looks simple but hair needs to be in tip top shape to recreate it. Treat your locks to a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment to make sure locks are as shiny as possible and radiate health.

No matter what finish you’re looking for, hair extensions can help to give your style a lift. With longer and thicker locks you’re able to experiment with more styles and showcase a red carpet look that’s all your own.

Don’t forget we’ve got our sale continuing in our online Dream Girl store plus our Model Contest 2014 has launched and you can enter now.


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