Our 5 tips for DIY Style

29 Nov

Have you noticed that everyone, even Dream Girl, is talking about DIY style?



It’s not enough to post a picture of a celebrity wearing a funky braid, we need to show you exactly how to recreate it. We can’t just describe a hairstyle, we have to give step by step tips to show you how to make your own.

Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook even Twitter. Each are full of pictures and accounts telling you how to recreate the best styles, how to turn catwalk looks into your own, how to DIY the hottest trend.

We love it, you, our customers, have been asking us for more and more tips about how to style your hair. You come to Dream Girl for longer, lusher and more volumised hair thanks to hair extensions. But you also want tips about how to look fabulous. And it isn’t just us, you want that from every brand and you’ve got your own ideas as well.

It makes sense. It’s never been easier to share information and if there’s someone who knows how to recreate the perfect up-do, for example, then we want to listen to that person.

How do you know where to look and who to trust? Here are Dream Girl’s tips;

1. Practice before you dismiss it. Some DIY styles look pretty tricky but if you’ve haven’t tried it how do you know? Keep practising until you know whether it works or not. Braids are a classic example. You have to practice the hairstyle, check in the mirror and then try again because you’re plaiting behind your head. You might not get it right the first time but practice makes perfect.


Via Christine Frank on Pinterest

Via Christine Frank on Pinterest

2. Know your hair. Everyone’s hair is different. Even if you have Dream Girl hair extensions then chances are you style it slightly differently or you use a different shampoo. Your hair will fall in one way, your friend’s another. So not every style works the same on everyone. Some hair can keep a curl in for hours, others are lucky if it lasts five minutes. If you know your hair you know how to personalise a style.

If you’re trying a glamorous curled do using rollers, we might suggest you keep them in for half an hour, but you know your hair will take an hour. Know your hair and it makes it easier for you to take the tips from the DIY style and make it your own.

3. Your face is unique. Sit and look in the mirror for q second. See your cheekbones? They’re not like ours. Neither is your nose, your eyes or your mouth. You are totally unique. And you’re gorgeous. So not every hairstyle will suit us all the same. It just won’t. A middle parting might just look weird on you, a side parting perfect.

Know your face and understand what suits you. That way when you read a DIY style and want to try it you’ll know what will work and what doesn’t. Don’t try a fashion just because a celebrity ahs, even though you know it won’t suit you. All you’ll do is make yourself feel bad. Style is about taking a fashion and making it your own.

4. If you’re good at cooking you’ll know you have to read a recipe through to the end before you get stuck in. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through and realising you don’t have the right ingredients. It’s the same with a DIY style. Read it through carefully. Do you need hairspray, bobby grips, bobbles? Have the ingredients close at hand before you get going. No one wants to run through the house looking for grips with one hand trying to hold an up-do together.

5. So you’ve found your perfect style, you’ve figured out how to make it work for you and everyone loves it. Share it. Take pictures, create your own step by step guide and share it with us. If you’ve created a perfect style then you never know, it might suit us or someone else. And we want as many tips as we can to try and play around with.

Remember there’s still time to enter Dream Girl’s Model Contest. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get style and beauty ideas through the week.


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