The best party hairstyles

6 Dec

The festive season is almost upon us and you might find your social diary starts to get a little bit more hectic.

Christmas parties are a chance to dress up to get fun, festive, glittery and eat plenty of mince pies.

You might have chosen your perfect dress. You might even have splashed out on a new pair of shoes. But don’t forget your crowning glory.

Even if you’re going straight from the desk to the dance floor that’s no excuse.

Here are Dream Girl’s top party hairstyles for 2013. Try them yourself

1. Wavy and loose

Jessica Alba always looks coiffed and stylish. Her hair is shiny and healthy and looks ready for a party. This is a great style if you’re heading straight to the party from the office. You want to achieve gentle waves. Simply style your hair as normal in the morning and then twist and pin it up for the day. Add some spray and head into work. When you’re getting ready for the party simply untwist, scrunch and your hair will fall into natural looking waves.

Here the style is with a side parting but it also looks great with a middle parting if that suits your face shape. Add a flick of mascara and a deep plum or red lipstick and you’re ready to party.

2. The slick up-do

A simple and shiny ponytail is minimum headache, maximum impact. If you need a little added length then opt for a Dream Girl Ponytail hair extension in a shade that matches your own colour.

Begin by parting the hair. You want to smooth down your fringe so opt for a serum and a spray. Comb hair carefully and gather at the nape of the neck and secure. If you’re using a ponytail hair extension attach it now. Take a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail at the nape of the neck and twist it over the join or the hair bobble. Clip in place.

Comb the ponytail and spray any stray ends to fix.

Match with statement earrings and you’ll look as glam as Sarah Hyland.

3. Big curls

If you want big and bouncy curls like Cat Deeley you can achieve it without heat. Style and dry your hair as normal but add a little volumising spray or mousse. If you are wearing hair extensions be careful with the roots and once hair is dry backcomb gently.

Take rollers and dive the hair into sections. If you do this in layers it will be easier. Simply take the bottom layer and clip up the top. Divide into one inch section and coil around the roller, clipping into place. Continue until you’ve curled up all your hair.

Spray and leave for as long as you can – half an hour minimum. Simply uncurl and spate the waves with your finger. Just add spray, any other product will weight your hair down and you’ll lose the volume.

4. Braid it

The braid is undoubtedly the style of the year when it comes to up-dos and you can recreate easily here. Harley Viera Newton has achieved a style that’s simple but eye-catching.

You might need to use clip on hair extensions if your hair is shorter, simply because you need length for this style. Comb hair into a middle parting and if you’re using hair extensions add them now. Continue your parting down to the nape of the neck. Use a clip or bobble to separate hair onto the left and the right. Take the left side first and, beginning behind the ear, begin to plait. Make sure the plait is neat. Fix at the ends and turn to the right. Repeat on the other side. Take your left pigtail and fold up onto your head, fixing the end with a grip. Take the right pigtail and do the same so you create a hairband with your own hair.

Wear elegant drop earring and smoky eyes to finish.

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