Whose hair have we lusted after in 2013?

20 Dec

We’ve had long locks and short locks in 2013, but whose been our hair queen? At Dream Girl we’re always inspired by celebrities who don’t play it safe, who are confident to chop and change their hairstyles and experiment with new looks.

Here are our top hair-spirations for the past twelve months. Tweet us and tell us on Facebook whose hair you’ve listed after this year as well.




Queen Bey took the world by storm in 2013, and her hair reflected her new growing stature and domination. Confident to change her style as the mood took her, Beyonce showed how your hair can be as flexible as your outfit. Whether it was long curled locks that screamed diva, the pixie crop debuted on Instagram or the pob, Beyonce clearly knows that hair extensions can help you transform your style in minutes.

She’s also an icon for those who want to play around with their hair but won’t compromise on its health. Even though it’s coloured, teased and coiffed Bey’s hair always looks shiny and healthy. With hair you get out what you put in. Hardworking hair at its glossiest!


lifestyle @msn.com

lifestyle @msn.com


Nicole Scherzinger

The X Factor judge just oozed glamour and style every time she took to the stage this year and she never put a foot wrong. With an enviable shine her hair was twisted for a faux bob, one of the hottest styles of the year, or left glossy and straight for a full on glam style.

Nicole knows that her hair is her crowning glory and she uses it to full effect to finish off a look. You can wear the glitziest outfit in the world but if your hair doesn’t measure up the effect will be a damp squib.

From the soles of her feet to the tips of her hair, Nicole is one of the most stylish girls around.




Kim Kardashian

Who doesn’t love big hair? New mum or no, Kim knows that when you need a lift their first place to start is with your roots. Her locks took on a lighter hue after she became a mum but it’s a great habit to get into. Light and style changes throughout the year and reflecting that in your locks is easy to do. A few lowlights or highlights are easily achieved with clip-on hair extensions.







Her hit royals is our song of the year but it isn’t just her vocals we’ve fallen for. Lorde’s wavy locks make us want to start crimping and she’s the perfect poster girl for those who hair is big, wild and catches the eye the minute you walk in the room.

Embrace your natural curls and waves. Dream Girl has a range of hair extensions especially for this kind of hair so it’s easy to add length and volume.

Remember our Model Contest 2014 is also open so make sure you read about it and enter here.

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