Hair trends 2014

27 Dec

At this stage of Christmas we always start to think about 2014. How should we be wearing our hair, what kind of styles will capture the mood?

If you want to start planning your 2014 style then look no further as Dream Girl has collected the top trends you’ll want to try out in the New Year. Hey, wear one for New Year ’s Eve and you’ll be bang on trend as the clock strikes midnight!

Mermaid Waves

It best suits a longer style but these gentle waves ensure your hair doesn’t need to be too done. It’s a low fi look that can be achieved with a blow dry but is just as easily recreated at home. Create a few pin curls by twisting and pinning sections of hair and using a little spray to secure. Hold them in place for a minimum of half an hour and then uncurl for soft waves. Failing that braid your hair before you go to bed and by the time you wake up in the morning you’ll have soft waves.

It’s a tousled style that will look great with either a centre or side parting.

Low ponytail

Let’s be honest sometimes we wake up and our hair just won’t behave. This is the 2014 go-to style for a bad hair day. Just comb hair into a side or centre parting and smooth hair down using either wax or serum. You want hair to look shiny and glossy. Fix hair at the nape of the neck and gather into a low ponytail. If hair is to short them use spray to secure ends and clip a Dream Girl ponytail hair extension to add instant length.

Hair must look natural so choose a shade that matches your own colour.


Bobs had a moment this year with celebs showcasing their shorn locks on social networks. It’s a bold look and it doesn’t suit everyone.

However we wrote a guide for faux bobs earlier in 2013. Just follow our simple steps and you can create your own bob hairstyle without reaching for the scissors.

Long and Straight

Looking best with a middle parting hair should be long and sleek but doesn’t need to be too perfect or “done”. Hair must be natural and healthy, however. If you need help with lift and length then try hair extensions but ensure they match your own natural shade by using Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator. To ensure hair stays healthy drink plenty of water and always turn down the heat.

Side parting

Want an easy tip to help you ensure your style is bang up to date? Choose a side parting Yep. It’s that easy, just comb your hair from the side and there you have it – bang on trend!

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