Your Hair Care Resolutions for 2014

3 Jan

Come on, who doesn’t want glossy, healthy and shiny hair for 2014? Whether you wear hair extensions, you might wear wigs, or pony extensions to add length and volume for a particular style you want your natural hair to look as good as possible.

bDream Girl feels your pain, though because winter is harsh on hair. All that freezing cold wind and rain, central heating, not enough water and all that styling; hair is exhausted and it looks it.

So while you’re setting your resolutions for 2014 make sure you don’t forget about your crowning glory. Here are the five promises you should make, and keep, to get the best out of your hair.

1. Minimise the damage

Hair is not as strong as it looks. When hair is starting to feel weaker and brittle you’ll start to see the damage. Split ends, a lack of shine and frizzy flyaway finish. These are all symptoms that your hair needs a little love. It means you’re stripping the natural oil from your hair. This is probably caused by heat. Hair is like wax, when you heat it it’s  easier to mould and shape. But that same heat causes hair to stretch and break. This year minimise the damage by turning down the heat. Wear a hat in extreme weather and treat your hair to a weekly nourishing treatment to restore the oil that day to day living takes away.

2. Visit your stylist

Regular trims are not just about vanity, it’s an important tool for keeping your hair healthy and strong. Split ends can’t be fixed. You can help minimise them but once hair has split you can’t glue it back together. Get your hair trimmed once every six weeks or so and it will ensure that hair is glossy and shiny because the dead growth is chipped away. You’ll also feel pretty good.

3. Plan for bad hair days

It is easy to fall out of love with your hair, especially when it won’t behave itself. But the minute you start to get lazy you’re starting to stop looking after your hair. In the same way that you should always have one outfit in your wardrobe that you can throw on and feel fabulous, you should always have a hairstyle that you can wear for bad hair days. It might be an up-do (we’d suggest a messy bun) or a half up-do. It might involve using a pony extension to just make you feel glam. Whatever it is make sure you are prepared. There’s nothing worse than sitting infront of your mirror staring at hair that won’t behave itself. Instead, use your go-to bad hair day hairstyle and you’ll solve the problem in minutes.

4. Fancy a change?

Did you spend a chunk of December reading hair magazines and wishing you could do something different with your hair? You can. A change is as good as a rest! You might fancy thicker or longer locks in which case why not try hair extensions? Hey, a fringe might just be what you need! First, though, visit your stylist. At Dream Girl we love stylists. They are the best people to advise you on what style will suit your face shape and what length you should go for. Chances are they’ve been dying to suggest a style to you for a while, get the right advice and go for it.

5. Take Hair-spiration

At Dream Girl we love a change! Everyone has their signature style but that doesn’t mean you have to wear your hair the same every day. No, you can wear it up, down, add length, change it up with a shock of colour or go for a whole head revamp and wear a wig. Never think that your hair has to stay the same forever. Take inspiration from different places like blogs (ahem) Pinterest, styling tips and ideas. Try new styles, get yourself in knots testing new up-dos, just have a play with all your styling bits. Hair is there to have fun with and to showcase your personality, don’t get stuck in a rut.

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