Top tips for curly hair

10 Jan

When most people think of hair extensions they picture long sleek and straight locks.

That’s great, and if you’ve long straight hair then we know you love it, but women with curly hair get hair extensions as well.

That’s why at Dream Girl we’ve got a special range of hair extensions called Waves and Curls. Whether you hair is just lightly kinked, or whether you’ve got thick tightly curled locks  we can help you add volume and length.

The truth is that although hair is hair, curly hair needs to be looked after differently from straight hair. You’ve got frizz, tangles and all of that to deal with. While you ladies with straight hair are trying your fourth braided up-do of the day those of us with curly locks are just finishing our first comb-through.

So last week we looked at your hair care resolutions for 2014 and they’re for everyone. But this week we’re talking directly to those of you with curly hair. We hear you, we know what you have to contend with. So here’s Dream Girl’s advice for how to make sure your curls and waves look luscious all year round.

1. Comb it right

Use a regular comb and you’ll lose all your curl and your hair goes frizzy. We know this. If you’ve got curly hair you need to do your first de-tangle in the shower. While hair is wet simply run your fingers through your locks to remove any knots and tangles. When you comb hair and encounter a knot you can stretch hair which breaks it and causes split ends. By de-tangling with your fingers you’re reducing all that pulling and cutting down on breakage.

2. Cut down on the product

When you’ve got curly hair you feel like you have to wear a lot of product to control it. This is true of hair extensions as well as those with natural locks. The problem is all this product weighs down your hair and can damage your roots. Imagine you didn’t take off your makeup at night and simply topped up your foundation every day. What would your skin look like? Well it’d be dry, flaky and dull. That’s what you’re doing to your hair by constantly adding product after product and not removing  it properly. First break the habit. Aim for one day a week when you’re without product to give your hair a break. Next find a product that removes product entirely but is still good for your skin. If you wear hair extensions then specially designed shampoos and conditioners will keep hair looking nourished for longer.

3. Moisture, moisture, moisture

Frizz is the kiss of death to curls. In the 80s we could get away with frizz. Not so much now. Frizz comes when hair is dry and damaged. To counteract that it’s about getting as much moisture into your hair as possible. Diet plays a role in that so drink plenty of water. But also make sure you regularly use a deep conditioning treatment designed to add moisture to your curls. It will help make them more defined and look healthier.

4. Get a regular trim

To keep hair looking as healthy as possible you need to get rid of those dry, split ends. With curly hair it’s more important that you get it trimmed regularly to ensure those waves and curls are as bouncing, healthy and shiny as possible, simply because our hair has to work much harder than straight hair (think all of that styling and combing). Hair should be trimmed every six weeks or so to make sure all the damaged ends are cut away.

5. Embrace your natural curls

It can be tempting to shy away from your natural curls and straighten your hair. Heat is so, so bad for your hair. It weakens it and makes it more brittle. Using heat constantly just means you’ll be sending more money trying to get your hair sleek and shiny. Same with chemical straightening. It will dry your hair out. Embrace your natural curls. Love them and show them a little TLC, you’ll get it back in spades with bouncing curly and shiny locks!

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5 Responses to “Top tips for curly hair”

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  2. Kate January 16, 2014 at 8:01 pm #

    thanks for sharing; great post and tips. if you like I also did a review for top hair tools on my blog :* Kate

  3. Anu Singh March 20, 2015 at 6:34 am #

    i used to trim my hair after 6 months but now i came to know it should be trimmed after 6 weeks not months. Thanks for your blog. It helped me alot

  4. Liz Kate August 26, 2015 at 11:31 am #

    Thanks for this wonderful post i have thick curly hair. I am already facing this problem now i got a solution to overcome my hair problem.

    • laurabrown October 2, 2015 at 7:15 am #

      Let us know any tips you have – always on the lookout for reader advice. You can share here or on Facebook or Twitter @DreamGirlHair

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