The best hairstyles for round faces

24 Jan

We’re not all the same. Thankfully! Imagine how boring it would be if we were all identical.

Yet it means that not every style or fashion suits each one of us. Our bodies are different, our shape is different and our hair changes from one person to the next.

We understand that at Dream Girl and it’s one of the reasons we’re committed to offering you so much choice when it comes to hair extensions. We offer a range of lengths, styles and over 80 shades. It means it’s easier to find the product that’s right for you.

But what to do with that hair once it’s fitted? Hairstyles are there to make the most of your beautiful features. But the shape of your face will influence what suits you best. If you don’t know what shape your face is it couldn’t be easier to figure it out. Take a lipstick or a pen that washes away with water. Look in the mirror at your gorgeous self and draw a line around the edge of your face. Step back and look at that line. What shape is it?

This week those of us with round faces go under the spotlight. You’re in good company if you are. Think Lily Cole and Kirsten Dunst. What styles will suit us best?

Wear it long

Long hair really suits those with round faces. So get the longest extensions you can if you want. What you do need though, is texture to add a little softening layers. Don’t go for something straight and blunt as it can pull your face down. Instead, soft layers will make it lighter, more feminine and even thicker.

When you get your hair extensions, opt perhaps for waves and curls or talk to your stylist to get your extension styled once they are fitted so that they blend seamlessly into your natural hair and are finished in a flattering style.

Add a fringe

A straight blunt fringe suits a few face shapes but if you face is round then opt for a side sweeping fringe. It can still be covering the whole forehead, don’t think you need just a side parting or something fine. Instead blow dry and style the fringe to add a little shape. Use a round natural bristled brush and hold the dryer above the fringe. Curl the brush under as your blow dry and then pull the brush to the side to gently shape the fringe itself.

Make it deep

Texture isn’t just achieved through cut. You can also do it with colour. If you have a round face it’s all about adding depth and shade. Use highlight or low light hair extensions to create a range of colours to add texture to your locks and make them look fuller and thicker.

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