Have a love affair with your hair

31 Jan

bThis is an ode to your hair. This week, instead of looking about how much you need to treat it, or rework it, let’s instead talk about how awesome your hair is. And we’ve got a gift for you for Valentine’s Day.

Let’s be straight. Hair is pretty cool. For a start everyone’s hair is different. With so many shades out there it’s hard to find two people with identical colour. That’s why at Dream Girl we stock over 80 shades of hair extensions helping you find one that’s as close to your natural shade as possible.

Hair is fantastically durable. Just think for a second of all the bad things you’ve done to your hair; you’ve used way too much heat on it, you’ve yanked and pulled it to get a knot out, instead of combing it patiently, you’ve gone out in cold and wind and rain and not worn a hat. And then, to top it all off, you look at your hair angrily when you have a “bad hair day” and blame it for its dryness and frizziness.

What does your hair do? Well it shrugs off the criticism, and grows back. With just a bit of tender loving care it bounces back glossier than ever.

Hair is totally flexible. It looks great worn up or down, or half way. It patiently waits for you to braid it, twist it, curl it or smooth it and just does what you tell it, most of the time.

You can add to hair, make it thicker, longer or add a little volume. It works with new additions like hair extensions and pieces flawlessly, just welcoming them in and blending away seamlessly, especially if you go for 100% human hair extensions.

It’s fairly astonishing when you think about it. You can always turn over a new leaf with your hair. Give it a regular trim, the regular conditioning treat and it’ll love you back in spades.

So this season we’re giving your hair a treat, and you as well. For two weeks, starting today and finishing on 14th February, Valentine’s Day, we’re offering you 15% off when you shop with Dream Girl. Choose from 100% human hair, from Remi Silky hair extensions – the most luxurious style – or clip on extensions to transform your look in minutes. Pick from one of our 80 different shades to choose the colour that best suits your looks and style.

When we fall in love we want to see the best in ourselves, we want to shine and stand out from the crowd. This season Dream Girl is helping you do just that. 

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