Take a risk

7 Feb


No one is going to lie on the death bed and wish they did less with their hair. Ok, that’s a maudlin thought for a Friday but it’s true. What’s really stopping you from changing your hair? If it’s fear, read on.

At Dream Girl we are big advocates of making your hair your crowning glory. We love chopping and changing hairstyles as often as we do our sparkly nail varnish. Why? Your mood changes, your style changes from week to week, month to month, why shouldn’t your hair?

We’re firm believers in having a signature style. That’s the look you feel most confident in. One of our favourite and go-to styles is to add a few clip-on hair extensions with a gentle wave, style hair with a centre parting and add a red lip. It’s a simple carefree look that always fills us with cheer.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t experiment. This week we’ve tried a braided hairband, a side plait, a centre parting, a side parting, a messy bun and a straight sleek style. It’s all about having fun, playing with your hair and seeing what works.

So what do you really, really want to do with your hair? If it’s fine and flyaway and you’ve always fancied having a blunt and thick mid-length style then that’s achievable. Add some hair extensions for a fuller look. Always wanted super duper long hair? Got that covered as well; try some Remi-Silky 100% human hair extensions to add length to your natural locks. What about bright red hair? Why not try a wig from our Chic Collection or some extensions from our Fancies range?

A generation ago when women got to a certain age they chopped off their long hair. That’s not the case anymore, instead we can experiment with fashion and different looks as we get older and age doesn’t slow us down. If a 62 year old can be applauded as a gorgeous lingerie model then we can wear hair extensions into our 90s!

Your hair is there to be played with. It’s there for experimentation and for you to express your mood and style. Feel like a 40s glamous puss? Then add some serious serum and go for glossy waves. Having a hippy chick moment? Add a braid as a hairband and embrace your beach style curls. Want to just throw your hair up and forget about it? Then twist into a messy side bun. It’ll look chic but it will keep it out of your way.

Whatever you feel like doing with your hair, Dream Girl’s here to help your dreams come true. From our hair extensions to our hair pieces and wig collection we’ve got everything you need to take a risk and change your style, even if it’s just for the day.

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