Make a quick change

14 Feb

This week celebrity column inches have been filled with news of Jennifer Aniston’s hair.

Rex Features

Rex Features

It began with shots taken showing the Hollywood star with long and luscious locks. Not too strange you might think, but Aniston chopped her hair into a bob last year. The reason was given that she’d tired of her short hair and wanted her longer locks back. Next she was snapped with the bob again, suggesting another change of heart.

Now at Dream Girl we’re firm believers that a woman can do what she likes with her hair and doesn’t need to offer an explanation to anyone. Jennifer Aniston has long been one of our favourite sweethearts and as we see it she’s doing the same as a lot of women who want to chop and change their style.

The bob style is great for variety, but sometimes you want a little length and volume. The friends star opted for the longer look for a party. Who hasn’t wanted to do that?

The simple truth is that clip on hair extensions are the perfect solution for those of us who want to add instant variety to our day to day look.

Dream Girl’s Clip’N Go Extensions are easy to use. Simply choose 100% human hair extensions in one of our 80+ shades and they’re easy to fit. The clips come in sections so there are wider strands for your crown and the back of the head with narrower two clip strands for the side and temples. This helps to create a more natural finish and style.

Clip on hair extensions are temporary. They can be a different colour to your natural hair and cover it easily, or simply add length and volume for a special night out. You can use them to add highlights or lowlights, whatever suits you.

You can read our Step by Step guide to wearing clip on hair extensions and see how easy it is to try them yourself.

Who knows? Jennifer Aniston might love her bob hairstyle and might have just decided to wear clip on hair extensions for a party because she wanted a glam look or fancied a change in style. We know exactly what that’s like and that’s why we make products that make it easier for you to experiment with your own style.

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