The guide to lazy hairstyles

21 Feb

This week while we at Dream Girl were flicking through pictures of the hair and beauty on the Bafta’s red carpet we stumbled across another blog. Sat alongside a gallery of pictures of A list celebrities groomed to the max on one of the biggest nights of the UK calendar was a post about the girl’s guide to a lazy winter.

You couldn’t find two things more diametrically opposed. One was a celebration of how to look as coiffed and styled as possible. The other how to roll out of bed on cold mornings and get ready as quickly as possible without embarrassing yourself on the way to work.

At Dream Girl we had to feel intrigued. We’re all about helping you look as fabulous as you possibly can. Whether you’re looking for permanent 100% human hair extensions, a pony tail extension or Clip’n Go for a five minute fix we feel we’ve got it covered. And because a lot of the time we’re focused on beauty and styling we’ll often give you ideas about how to look as glam as possible.

It never crossed our minds you might look to us for simple styles that you can recreate in a heartbeat and still look fabulous.

So if you’ve got long and luscious hair which, frankly, sometimes you simply can’t be bothered styling, shaping and tweaking this is for you! There’s no heat, no fuss and no stress. Simple easy styles.

Get easy-peasy waves

Spray your hair with dry shampoo (it helps your hair set like nothing else). Start at the temple and twist your hair. Twist like it’s a pigtail and go behind your ears and to the nape of your neck. Pin in place. Then do the other side. Leave for the whole day if you like or overnight and then untwist and uncurl. Easy waves and you’ve barely lifted a finger.

Getty Images

Getty Images

A simple up-do

Ok so you want up-dos to look as undone as possible, right, while still being chic and stylish? This one is pretty easy and it looks great. Gather hair at the nape of the neck like you’re going to tie a ponytail. Twist and fold the ends underneath your hair. Pin in place. Done.

The wet-look

What better excuse to try an edgy look that’s been on the catwalks. Comb your hair back from your face using a little gel. Add some spray. Yes, you’re done.

Invest in a cute beany

Ok so sometimes nothing but a hat is going to cut it. Plait your long locks into two pigtails, one on either side of the head. Cover the roots with a beany. Leave the house safe in the knowledge you look fabulous with the minimum of fuss.

There you have it. Four styles you can create in under five minutes. Happy styling!

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