Dream Girl’s Oscars hairstyle

28 Feb

It’s the Oscars this weekend. When it comes to glamour and style that red carpet is probably the most watched catwalk in the world for a few hours every spring. The world’s most famous stars are dressed to the nines and whether they’re nominated or not they know they can wow with the right look.



OK, so we probably don’t have many Oscars moments in our own lives. But that doesn’t stop Dream Girl daydreaming about how we might style our hair if we were up for Best Actress.

Our look would be simple; we’d opt for a long off the shoulder dress with a figure hugging curve and full skirt. To top off the retro style we’d opt for a retro glam look that was Veronica Lake through and through. Retro glam waves would allow us to wear our hair loose but looked styled and coiffed. We could also channel the Hollywood stars of the past, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Here’s how to do it.

You need long and glossy hair for this style. It won’t work on short and medium length locks. So if you need a little extra length you’ll have to opt for hair extensions. Even long hair in this style will ride up because you’re creating curls so you need the added length to make it work. You want locks that match your natural shade so choose something that is as close as you can get.



The next step is a deep side parting. This style needs this and it doesn’t look the same with a middle parting. Comb hair over, you might need a little spray to keep it in place if your hair isn’t used to it. Next you need to begin curling. You need to create tight curls. Whether you do this using curling irons or a twist and marcel wave option that pins curls in place is up to you. Heat is not good for hair, nor hair extensions and we wouldn’t recommend using it on your Dream Girl products.

You want tight curls that are even across your head. To achieve this with pins, divide hair into sections, twist around your finger and pin in place. Spray and leave for half an hour at least.

Uncurl and you’ll see a mass of curls around your head. Spray again. Then take the fine end of your comb and begin combing through the curls. You’ll see as you do it the curl pattern starting to join together to create a wave effect. The pattern will form if you’ve created the curls evenly.

One last spray and finishing serum on the tips to curl them under and you’re done.

Match with a red lip and a flick of mascara.

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