A modern twist on Sixties style

7 Mar

The beehive, bob, moptop and the Twiggy crop; the swinging sixties heralded a revolution in hairstyles. So it’s no wonder that when asked which decade was the best for hair, we chose the Sixties.

But recreating a vintage style doesn’t mean you have to have one foot in the past. It’s easy to add a modern twist to retro styles.

If you want to wear a sixties style but you have very fine hair then don’t worry. Yes this is a decade that’s all about high volume but just add clip on extensions and you can add volume and length. Here are our favourite sixties looks and how you can update them for right now.



Volumised half-do

This style can look dated if you work it wrong (and a bit too bridesmaid). But add a twist and the finish is fabulous.

This is a great style for those with a natural wave. For those without try our Waves and Curls range of hair extensions or add a no heat curl.

Start by putting a finger behind each ear and draw a line across the back of the head. Gather the hair above the line and backcomb from root to tip. You want extra volume.  Twist and pin the hair in place to secure the beehive. Spray and allow the length at the back to cascade down. Style your fringe to the side and add a little eye liner to the top lid for a fully retro look.



The Beehive

The full beehive is an iconic sixties style and it’s easy to do a modern twist matching this style to the current fondness for up-dos. Get ready with your comb as this style take s a lot of backcombing. Begin at the crown and work your way down the back of your head and down towards your ears, leaving about and inch towards the hairline.

Once hair is fully backcombed then gather it towards the nape of the neck. Twist it into a low bun and pin into place. Comb over the top layer of hair and spray.



Audrey Hepburn bun

This is an iconic style that’s easy to recreate and is perfect for a special night out or occasion like a wedding. Start with your natural hair pulled back in a ponytail on the crown of the head. Twist the hair into a bun. Then take a Dream Girl pony extension in the exact same shade as your own hair. Clip it over your natural hair. Twist the ponytail and pin in place until every strand is secured. Spray.

Thischicksgotstyle Blog

Thischicksgotstyle Blog

The messy ponytail

This is a great style for when your hair might need a wash but you’ve only got time for a dry shampoo. Side part and backcomb the hair at the crown. Tie in a ponytail at the back of the head. Take a section of hair from underneath the pony and twist around the bobble, pinning in place underneath the ponytail.

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