The colour of spring

28 Mar

It isn’t simply hairstyles that get updated each season. You can change your hair colour to make sure it’s equally on trend.

Dream Girl stocks over 80 different shades of hair extensions so you can always find the exact right colour you’re looking for.

So this season how can you reinvent your shade to ensure you’ve got the right colour for spring?


Think about adding warmth and depth to your blonde locks. A subtle contrast will add texture and will brighten your face with a warm glow, as well as making hair look thicker.

If you have very pale yellow hair then opt for golden tones. Honey blonde and choose a light caramel to add a reddish hue. Ombre might feel a bit too strong of a contrast but these more subtle additions will ensure your blonde locks are bang on trend.


The key shades for redheads this season are a spicy cinnamon and a champagne shade of red. Think Amy Adams and the almost strawberry blonde hints in her hair. For those who prefer a fiery and eye-catching style then you can’t go wrong with emulating Christina Hendricks. Adding a little copper to a vibrant red will lift it and lighten it, perfect for this season as it warms up.


Brunettes cover a spectrum of brown from very light to almost black. As the season gets warmer and lighter, so too should your hair. Add caramel highlights for a subtle contrast to brown hair and even very dark to freshen it up. Chestnut has a hint of red and will add the perfect contrast to very dark hair. Think Kim Kardashian who is incredible at adding variety and a lift to her dark hair with contrast highlights.

Check out Dream Girl’s range of shades with our Colour Guide and Colour Comparator to find the exact right fit for you and your style.

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