Simple changes to update your style

4 Apr

We know how you feel when you’ve got long hair.

Whether it’s you long and natural locks, or you’ve got a little help with some of Dream Girl’s hair extensions we know that sometimes you get a bit, well, bored.

ELLE's 17th Annual Women In Hollywood Tribute - ArrivalsIt’s not that you don’t love having long hair. You do! But styling your hair in the same way everyday can get a little tedious. You want a change, but not enough to chop off your locks.

So this week we thought we’d share a few tips, tricks and ideas for when you want to refresh your long hairstyle without reaching for the scissors!

Go long and straight

Think Gwyneth Paltrow and Cat Deeley for this. If you’re feeling a little low-maintenance then a simple straight style with no fuss is exactly what you’re looking for. Go for a middle parting and tuck your hair behind your ears.

Ensure your hair looks shiny and healthy by having a regular trim every six to eight weeks and stay away from the heat to minimise split ends.

Switch your part

Sometimes the simplest thing can make you re-evaluate your whole style.

We often get stuck in a rut of wearing the same parting day in and day out. Try switching it up to see hwat you think. Always go centre part? Switch to the side and vice versa. A super side parting can help add volume and lift at the roots and is bang on trend.

Mess it up

Your hair doesn’t have to be soft and sleek all the time.

If you fancy a quick change then mess it up like Cara Delevigne. Hair shouldn’t look too groomed and it will help your style seem a bit more edgy.

Wear over one shoulder

If your hair feels fine or like it needs a little lift then that’s exactly what you should do. Start with a super side parting to add a lift at the roots and create extra volume. Next coax those waves using old fashioned curlers for a no heat solution that will add just the right curl.

Once hair is unfurled add a little spray and simply sweep it over one shoulder for a glam style that’s ultra feminine. It also has the benefit of making your hair seem thicker.

Add a fringe

A strong fringe is one of the easiest ways to revamp your style. It will frame your face and make people do a double take. If your hair is thick then try a fringe that’s just below the eyebrows to really make your eyes pop.

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One Response to “Simple changes to update your style”

  1. Caleb at 6:33 pm #

    It is amazing how making a simple change to you hair can adjust your whole look. Summer presents an opportunity to get creative and change your whole look.

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