How to choose your wedding hairstyle

11 Apr

Being a bride can be stressful. Not the day itself, that’s largely wonderful. But the run up is certainly a time of high emotion. You want to look your best, to be stylish, beautiful and radiant. Of course you do.

How you wear your hair is a huge part of that. You have to feel confident. Some brides go for a big change, others re-vamp their natural look. The key is to practice and explore a style that suits not just your face but your dress and can last the whole day.


Here are Dream Girl’s tips for a stress-free bridal hair experience.

1. What style are you going for?

Your hairstyle along with your dress will work together to convey an overall style. It might be vintage, classic or glamorous. Whatever style you’re going for do your research. Find pictures and images that inspire you and you might want to emulate.

2. Book in a salon consultation

Once you have a few ideas then meet with your stylist. It’s vital you get advice on how to recreate the hairstyle. If your hair is fine or short, for example you might need hair extensions to add length and volume to ensure the style works. You might prefer to have these glued or sewn in, or just use clip-on hair extensions on the day itself. You’ll need to match the right shade and ensure you’re comfortable.

3. Up-do or down-do?

People always assume a wedding hairstyle means an up-do. Yes, that’s incredibly popular but it might not be right for you. You have to wear a style you’re comfortable with. Hair extensions can be incredibly useful for just adding that temporary lift to your natural hair, and to help it stay in place. The style you choose will depend on your dress as each will need to compliment the other. The seasons will affect what style you choose as well – when it’s hot you might prefer an up-do to help you feel cool (wedding dresses are heavy!) and in winter you might prefer it loose.

4. This is not a day to go crazy

Always wanted short hair? Brilliant. Always seen yourself as a redhead, not a blonde? That’s great. But this is not the hairstyle to do either of those drastic changes. Experimenting with your hair is one thing, doing it on the eve of your wedding is something else. These pictures will last a lifetime and you don’t want to feel regrets when you look at them. Your hair should look natural and glossy without too much product and effortless. You’ll be wearing the style all day so it needs to be comfortable. You feeling confident is the most important part.

5. Be you

No one else is going to be the bride at your wedding. You don’t have to copy anyone else or pretend to be anyone else. This is about you creating an image of how you want to look and no one else. A good stylist will help you with that, in advising you on the practicalities of recreating a style. If you feel confident then it will shine through and just make you an even more beautiful bride.

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