What does your pony say about you?

18 Apr

The ponytail is not for kids. It’s back with a vengeance and it’s our go-to style for the summer.

But this isn’t just about yanking your hair back to get it out of your face. This is a style that’s all about saying who you are and that you mean business.

If you’re desperate to wear a pony but your hair isn’t quite long enough then have a look in Dream Girl’s online store for the hair extension pony, either with drawstring or a clip so you can elongate your style in seconds. Match it to your natural shade so it bends in that pick the look to reflect your mood.


What it says – I’m on the go, always moving and I’m a picture of health

Think – Blake Lively

Want that “I just did the best workout ever” look? The slicked back sporty pony gives added bounce and verve. It screams tanned and healthy glow, with shiny hair that’s full of life, just like you. To recreate tie hair back in a ponytail on the crown of the head. Use a serum to smooth away any flyaway ends and fringe. The pony itslef should curl just enough at the ends for that all american feel.

Rex Features

Rex Features

Glam pony

What it says – I can make any style glamourous

Think – Penelope Cruz

When you’re a true glamour puss you can even make a ponytail look like it just stepped out of a glossy magazine. This is all about big volume, healthy hair that radiates confidence and style. Make sure hair is extra volumised at the crown before you tie it back. Don’t worry about your fringe but take extra care to make sure that not even a strand is out of place. Tie hair back ensuring you don’t lose any of the root lift and spray. Ensure the pony itself is full and coiffed with gentle bouncing curls. Take a section from the underside of the pony and wrap around the bobble to finish.

Geek chic

What it says – What, this old thing?

Think – Zooey Deschanel

Slightly messy, a bit kooky this is a style that deliberately looks as though you’ve just thrown it together. But there’s method in your madness – it might be messy on the outside but you’re perfectly together on the inside. Backcomb hair for extra lift and part hair on the side. Ensure the pony is high on the crown and let bits of fringe fall down the side. Match with black rimmed glasses if you have them.

Rex Features

Rex Features

The Power Pony

What it says – Don’t mess with me

Think – Cheryl Cole

We often think of the pony as being a Saturday style, or one just for the playground. But wear this right and it looks just as good in the boardroom. Style hair as normal when you want it glossy and smooth, whether you have waves and curls or it’s poker straight. Part at the side and slick hair down so it’s flat. This is an ideal time to nod to the wet look style. Tie the pony and again, use a section from underneath to hide the bobble.

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