Five steps to embracing your natural look

25 Apr
Be a natural beauty

Be a natural beauty

This spring it’s all about looking au naturel. Instead of lashings of fake lashes it’s a more subtle, glossy and laid back finish.

As we all know, looking natural isn’t just about looking naturel. There are very few of us who feel confident enough to step out without a scrap of makeup or even the tiniest bit of help.

Instead we know that little tricks here and there, a few tweaks and techniques will help us look natural, or as close to it as we can get.

At Dream Girl we’re all about making you feel confident and beautiful. We know that being on trend is important but we want to help you make sure you can do it while feeling as much like you as you can. So here are our tips for helping you look like your beautiful and naturel self.

Start on the inside

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water. If you’re wearing less makeup then you want to glow and with beauty it’s all about what you put on the inside. Hair will be shinier, skin clearer and you’ll feel better.

Think light, not heavy

You need products that promote lightness instead of weighing you down. So instead of mousse and hairspray opt for hair serum that adds a light sheen to your locks. For skin a neutral base like a tinted moisturiser adds cover without the cloying foundation and powder that adds weight.

Use the right product

Test products that work. A shampoo and conditioner that’s too rich will make your hair lank and greasy. With hair extension it’s important that you don’t strip out the natural oils and nutrients found in our 100% human hair and the same principle applies to your own locks as well. The more you strip away, the more you have to cover and replace. Start with products that don’t do that and are gentle and you’ll find hair looks healthier and glossier.

Don’t worry about needing help

Those of us with very fine hair can shy away from the natural look because we think our hair isn’t enough. Same for those whose complexion is pale and they need a little colour injected into their cheeks. You can still be naturel with hair extensions and blusher, it’s about how you wear it rather that what you wear. For hair extensions ensure they are fit using an experienced stylist who will ensure they are seamless with your own hair. Similarly if you need a flush of colour remember less is more.

Find shades that suit you

The naturel look can mean enhancing your own style. To do that choose products that colour match your hair and skin tone. Dream Girl has a Colour Comparator that is ideal for choosing hair extension that blend seamlessly into your own natural locks. With 80 shades it’s easier to find one that closely matches – or is identical to – your own. For makeup ensure you select the shade that enhances rather than saps your colour.

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