How to look after your hair extensions

2 May

bWhen it comes to hair we tend to think it’s all OK because it’ll grow back so any damage is short term. It’s not the case with hair extensions. While they’re great for adding length and thickness, not protecting and taking care of your hair extensions can cause them to need replacing quicker and they can look dry, damaged and split in the meantime.

You know that your own natural locks can be damaged by over-styling and generally not looking after your hair. What people often don’t realise is that when  you wear 100% human hair extensions (or synthetic for that matter) you can do just as much damage.

Dream Girl believes the trick to hair extensions, to prolonging their life and keeping them looking glossy is to be gentle. Damaging hair can cause strands to stretch and mis-shape making it easier for them to snap or split.

Split ends, basically are when the hair strand itself splits in half. It’s a sign of hair being damaged and weakened and it makes hair look frizzy and uneven. If glossy and healthy locks are your aim (and aren’t they for all of us?) then minimise split ends. On your natural locks it’s easy enough to trim split ends away regularly, and while you can do this with hair extensions and your stylist will happy to help prevention is always better than cure.

1. Don’t yank or pull extensions – this will cause hair to stretch and will damage it. You can use treatments on hair extensions to do this but it’s best to treat them gently. When combing use a wide toothed bristle and start at the bottom working up to the roots. This reduces stress and damage on the ends.

2. Turn down the heat – heat is one of the biggest causes for damage to hair extensions and natural hair. Hair is like wax so when you heat it melts slightly. That’s how you’re able to style it. However this heat can cause hair to stretch and split. Use heat more often and you’ll get more hair extensions. The solution is either to turn down the heat or turn it off completely. Dream Girl does not recommend using straighteners on any of our hair extensions.

dreamgirlhairpic3. Use the right kind of products – hair extensions are treated and processed to get them to right style and colour. This means that, unlike natural hair, they need a different kind of shampoo, conditioner and styling product to ensure they stay glossy and healthy. Harsh chemicals will strip away the protection on hair extensions and leave them exposed. We’re more likely to try different styling products on our own hair as we know it’ll grow back. With hair extensions we don’t have that luxury. Ask your stylist or salon about the best product to use to keep your extensions looking lush.

4. Try to reduce tangles – tangles are just maddeningly frustrating. They can cause hair to weaken and be damaged. Using the right products will help to keep hair smooth but also consider how you look after it. Up-do’s are fine but try to style your hair in a way that won’t cause knots. It might take just that little bit longer to do but it’s worth it in the long run. Be careful with hair when it’s wet as it’s more vulnerable and will stretch and could break.

5. Cut down on the hairspray – we get it, you want your hair to look exactly as it does when you leave the house throughout the whole day. A can of hairspray is only going to do you harm, however. Hairspray makes your hair sticky and cloggy. It’s harder to rinse it out and you can find your self with a bird’s nest of tangles and knots to unpick. Use hairspray sparingly. It’ll keep hair in place and you won’t risk damaging your locks.

Read more about Dream Girl’s guide to hair extensions here


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