How to get Blake Lively’s Hollywood waves

9 May

When Blake Lively stepped on to the red carpet at the Met Gala this week she must have known that she’d just nailed Hollywood glamour. The gentle curls were carefully swept to one side and there wasn’t a strand out of place. Her make up was subtle but big on impact with those full lashes.

The best thing about it is that this is a fairly simple style to replicate as long as you have the right tools.

If your hair is medium length or fine then  you will need to add a little volume and make hair longer with hair extensions. At Dream Girl we’ve got a range specially designed for waves and curls. Not everyone who wears extensions has (or wants) poker straight hair. You can choose gentle body waves right through to French deep curls, depending on your natural hair.

To get the style fit your hair extensions ensuring they match your natural hair colour as closely as possible. Next step styling. You want hair to have as much movement and texture as possible so you want to create lift and volume. When you blow dry (on a cool setting) use a wide natural bristled brush and ensure you focus on the roots at achieve a greater lift.

We know that using too much heat will damage hair extensions and while some stylists might use curling tongs to create this style we think that could damage hair. Instead using curlers that are at least 1.25 inches wide. This will create a deeper curl . Style in one inch sections using hairspray once all the hair is gathered in curlers.

The longer you leave hair in curlers the longer the curls will last. Once you can’t wait anymore carefully unfurl. Flip hair over and brush the curls gently to achieve a smooth finish. Flip back and ensure the roots are smooth and add a little back-combing for lift. Style with a  deep side parting. Take a small section and pin behind the ear to achieve that forties victory roll style.

Match with smoky eyes, a flick of eyeliner and a muted lip.


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