How can natural curls get some lift

23 May

This week we tweeted a picture of “Glee’s” Amber Riley and her gorgeous natural curls. Shared from her instagram the shot just goes to show how embracing your natural curls can transform your style.

In the past, Amber says, she’s favoured more sleek and smooth curls. This picture shows, however, she’s also more than happy to embrace her full-bodied natural curls.

We are all guilty of it. We think we should make our hair look like everyone else’s and instead what we should be doing is embracing our own individual style. Natural curls look awesome all year round but especially in summer. OK, you may feel it’s not low on maintenance but it just screams that “what I got up looking like this” effortless kind of elegance and beauty that oozes confidence. It definitely has the wow factor.

Amber has talked in the past about the products she uses to achieve her look. How your curls fall, how well they keep their shape and form are all affected by the condition they are in. Some girls like a frizzy look, others don’t Avoid frizz by using a rich conditioner that prevents hair getting dry.

At Dream Girl we also know that natural curls sometimes need some help with length or volume. Many think hair extensions just mean poler straight sleek and shiny locks. They don’t, of course. We have a range especially designed for natural curls including french deep curls and french jerry curls. You can choose for more long lasting extensions that can be sewn or glued in, or pick clip on hair extensions for a more temporary and immediate fix. We’ve got over 80 shades for you to choose from a five lengths, from 14″ to 24″.

Every girl is different and that means every girl’s hair is different. Not everyone wants the same thing for their hair so if you want to wear your natural curls but need some volume or you fancy super long locks then go for it! Make sure you also invest in a wide-toothed comb. There’s nothing worse for hair extensions – and your own hair while we’re at it – than yanking and pulling at it. This will just cause split ends and reduce the life of your hair extensions.

This summer if you want to embrace your natural curls look no further than Dream Girl. We can help to give your natural beauty a boost.

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