Cashmere hair

30 May

At Dream Girl it’s our mission to make you feel like the most beautiful that we can be. So we never come at things from a position of beauty products turning you into someone else, you’re you, and that’s awesome!

Kate Middleton's hair looks naturally voluminous

Kate Middleton’s hair looks naturally voluminous

Hair truly is our crowning glory. You know it yourself; when you’re having a good hair day you feel like you can conquer the world. A bad hair day and even though you’re still you’re awesome self you feel like you could shrink under the duvet.

One of the fastest ways to eliminate bad hair days is to give your natural locks a little nudge. See it as propping yourself up. The hottest style right now is to look like you need no help at all, so it’s all about natural beauty and an ageless quality.

This is where the cashmere hair comes in. It’s used to describe a look and a feel where hair is perfectly styled and groomed. It’s thick, glossy and looks well looked after. It isn’t effortless. As the great Nora Ephron once said it’s all about maintenance and many of us are just 8 hours a month away from looking like a bag lady!

Hair is one of those anti-ageing secrets. As we get older it starts to thin and look less shiny. Truth is you get to 30 and seemingly overnight your hair loses a little sheen. You might spend a lot of time making your skin look dewy, your limbs toned and tanned but neglect your hair and it can give the game away.

Hair extensions don’t just add length they can add thickness and volume. A few well placed 100% human hair extensions can add depth and richness to your locks. Choose a shade that closely and seamlessly blends into your own. Make sure you talk to a stylist to get the exact right style for you; we’d recommend Remi Silky. You only need a few additions to add volume but it can bulk out your hair and make it look healthier. Once fitted have your hair styled and the hair extensions will simply add a lift to your natural look.

To stay healthy the style relies on regular trims to do away with split ends and conditioning treatment to lock in moisture and prevent damage.

At Dream Girl we know that it’s all about building on your natural beauty, rather than turning you into anyone else. This soft and stylish cashmere hair is the perfect way to help you look the best that you can and have a good hair day every day.

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