Your Beauty Essentials

6 Jun

Dream_Girl_natural_beautyWhat can you just not live without?

This week at Dream Girl we’ve been delving into our make-up bags and bathroom cabinets to see what it is we love.

Feel free to share your own examples of the cosmetic and beauty essentials you just couldn’t live without. For us here’s our top 5;


We know how important water is to keep both skin and hair hydrated. Yet finding the right moisturiser is like finding the perfect pair of shoes. Once you do you simply want to buy in bulk and have one in every colour! A moisturiser that suits your skin, sinks in deeply without sitting on the surface is ideal. You don’t want skin to get too dry by the end of the day so you want something that lasts. When the weather heats up you might find you don’t need quite as rich a moisturiser as you do in the summer.


Everyone has bad days and if you’re covering blemishes or just dark spots or circles under your eyes then know what you’re looking for. A green tinged concealer is ideal for covering up red. You want to go a shade lighter than your foundation. A creamy concealer works best and there are great sticks on the market that don’t just offer ideal coverage but also fit snugly in your handbag.


Adding a little depth and coverage to the eyes is just what you need to define them. Yet choosing the right eye-liner depends on what you’re comfortable using, as well as what suits you. A liquid eye-liner is ideal for painting cat wings on your eyes. A Kohl is perfect for drawing around the edge of your eyes. Just make sure whatever you use you invest in a good make-up remover to save those first thing in the morning panda eyes.

Hair extensions

Of course we at Dream Girl were going to tell you about how much we love our hair extensions. But it truly is one of our beauty essentials. Clip-on hair extensions are just the ticket when you need to add just a little volume to your natural look. Or if you want to wear a bun and your hair is a little fine and flyaway. Hair extensions are about enhancing your natural beauty, not masking it.


There’s something just so grown up about mascara. It is still one of our favourite things to do in the morning; make that face in the mirror as you pull down your top lip to brush on your mascara. While some of us never venture away from black others are more experimental. The 80s were all about blue mascara and we’ve seen some gorgeous deep rich browns that add real depth.
Why not share your beauty essentials with us on Twitter and Facebook. What can you not live without in your make-up bag?

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